Telkom Digital Gaming League Dies VS Gaming is Born!

VS Gaming in 2017:

When it comes to gaming, I’ve always needed it in my life. Gaming for me is not only an escape but an extra mural activity that lets me break from my work and give my mind a chance to reboot.

In recent years, eSports has become one of the largest and fastest growing technology industries in South Africa and around the world! Offering Gamers a platform to compete with each other for high stakes and usually a massive cash prize!

Last year, we had a peak into the future of eSports in South Africa: The Telkom Digital Gaming League was born! One of the first companies to make the move into sponsoring eSports tournaments or leagues was Telkom. Much to the gaming community’s delight. (I’m not talking DoGaming)

Last week, it was announced that the Telkom DGL would be breaking away from Telkom as an entity, becoming a independent entity from the mothership brand. This new entity would be called: VS Gaming! A stand-alone subsidiary of the Telkom Group (Virtual Sports Gaming, though they won’t be keeping that tagline).

VS Gaming and Cambridge Mokanyane Go All In:

VS Gaming, is headed up by CEO Cambridge Mokanyane. He takes on this role after having served as the head of brand for Telkom for over three years.

Telkom pioneered esports in South Africa, but with its tremendous growth, we realised that it needed to be a stand-alone entity to give it the focus, energy and attention it deserves. This new entity will have the backing of Telkom to further expand esports in South Africa,” says Mokanyane.

Though, when I tried to ask for a bit more clarity as to what form VS Gaming would take, there was no solid answer. At this point, I’m not fully sure if VS Gaming will be a caster platform or full league. Mokanyane did mention that they would be keeping the DGL Masters League, but would be rebranding it as the VSGaming Masters.

I was expecting something like MettelState or MTN’s MEGA8 platforms.

Mokanyane added that “The aim of VS Gaming is to grow the eSports market while working together with other organisations to make it inspirational, profitable and professional. We continue the work of DGL to provide gamers of all levels with professional platforms to grow, learn and attract international exposure.

This kind of language and VS Gaming’s partnership with SuperSport could see more of the general public latching on to local eSports. This could also mean that VS Gaming with the backing of large broadcasters may be prime sponsors for teams like Energy or Bravado to compete internationally

SuperSport LogoThe Largest FIFA Tournament in Africa!

VS Gaming announced that it will be hosting the largest football e-tournament in Africa at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg on July 22 and 23.

This will be the first of its kind in South Africa and will see more than one thousand players taking part in FIFA 17 with the chance to win a substantial prize pool. More details on this tournament will be announced closer to the time.

While this is all fun and exciting for everyone involved, I want to hear from you, tell me in the comments what you think about Telkom’s new brand and what you think VS Gaming is going to do for the local eSports industry! I’d love to know. 

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