Finding Happiness, by Zybrand Lombaard

Finding Happiness:

I was one of the people that could never see other people happy because i was never happy. I hated the feeling to see others find happiness but i could not find my happiness and that grew inside of me like a toxic virus the more I saw people finding happiness in the smallest of things made me angry because still I could not find the happiness that everyone was talking about.

I thought to myself what if you need to change your mind set to be happy, what if happiness was like a switch that I could turn on and off.

This made me think about life and happiness in a deeper sense.

Happiness is, in my eyes, to be in love with the basics; to take a moment and love the small things in life just to turn off the negative side in your brain and look at the positive side in everyday life.

I tested this method one morning. As usual I got up made myself coffee​ and i smelled the aroma of the cup of coffee and I was in a permanent daze as the day went on.

I saw this small kid; laughing at the dumb stuff his father had done, but for that kid it meant the world, and thats where I truly realised happiness is a choice that you can make.

You can choose to be happy or you can be the happiness in other peoples life by just showing that you care, showing interest in the basic things they do everyone is unique make them feel it.

True happiness is finding peace in who you truly are and making others happy by being the true you.

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