Truth & It’s Burden Release: Dead To The World Single

Truth & It’s Burden Single:

One of the hardest bands in Johannesburg just released their new single! Titled: Dead to the World. The single launched with a new stellar looking music video:

This single is taken from their much anticipated new album “I Labour” which is set for release on the 14th July 2017.

The insane brains that make up Truth & Its Burden though, seem filled with heart, hope, optimism and a fresh positive take on daily crisis. Constantly thinking of new ways to cement a positive attitude in the hearts of any person attending their shows or listening to their songs.

It’s great to see Truth and it’s Burden coming back to the light of the local metal scene. Conversations from KrankedUp Fest 2016 created the sense that the band may not be making music for a while, so for this fan, it’s great to see the guys coming back! But did they ever leave?



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