OMEN by HP Gaming Laptops 2017

OMEN Gaming Laptops:

In 2016, the initial OMEN gaming laptop compliment includes the; OMEN 15 and OMEN 17, which includes Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GTX 965M and in late 2016, the OMEN 17 Pascal, which sits with an Intel Core i7 NVIDIA GTX 1070M.

Announced this week, the OMEN 15 and OMEN 17 will be optimized for gaming, specifically around customer feedback and their user experience based needs. Some of these upgrades include the 15″ upgrading to NVIDIA GTX 1060 AMD RX 550 and 17″ upgrading to NVIDIA GTX 1070 AMD RX 580 respectively, with both laptops, now come with the latest Intel iQuad core processor, apparently to handle future VR experiences.


All of OMEN’s platforms will be coming with the OMEN Command Centre system too. 

As OMEN works toward focus further on gamers; they’ve improved their native laptop keyboard to highlight the WASD keys, which are the keys most gamers use for most RPG, Shooter or RTS.

The laptop also includes more USB ports: 3 USB Type-A ports and 1 USB Type-C port (Thunderbolt), included now for more gaming accessories and gadgets. Which is great because I normally run out of space plugging in my mouse, headset, keyboard and additional display and charging port.

OMEN Laptop Pricing:

Ranging: $999 – $1599 for the 15″ Display. I assume it would start at R13 000 South African (My opinion, not confirmed price)

Ranging: $1099 – $1799 for the 17″ Display. I assume it would start at R15 000 South African (My opinion, not confirmed price)

Basing the look and feel of the OMEN Laptop offering to other leaders in the local market, I suspect that we’re going to be seeing a lot on the OMEN brand and their use at Gaming and eSports events across the South African market building up to 2018.

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