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Nioh 2017: Honest Game Review

Nioh Game Review:

Nioh, one of the newest releases developed by Team Ninja for Sony, published on the PlayStation 4. Released, early February 2017, this action-roleplayer has taken me this long since to review.

Nioh is very similar to Dark Souls in some of the best ways: you will die, many many many times in this game, you will rage, you will hate and you will swear! This is not a walk in the park, it even goes beyond the level of “a challenge” to near maddeningly difficult. Though, besides the

Though, besides the inane difficulty and severe lack of respawning checkpoints, the graphics, intricate combat and fighting system and select mission structure make for an extremely fun experience! (I screamed and cried over this game! Rage quit many more times. It sucked hard in that department)

Add to that an interesting fictional narrative that combines real-life characters with a layer of fantasy fiction, and you’re got an extremely entertaining time! Topping it all off, the focus on Japanese samurai culture from the 1600’s also makes for an exciting and refreshing backdrop away from the medieval setting that’s become so popular in recent years.

If you’ve got some money and enjoy a challenge with fresh fighting mechanics, you should probably consider picking up your copy of Nioh. Just don’t throw your controller at the screen.

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Written by Brett Magill


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