Illness when Running a Business

Illness and Business:

For the average employee, a perk for working for a boss or a large company is that when you are sick, with doctors permission, you can essentially get a day off work.

When it comes to running your own business though, there’s almost no such thing as taking a day off work when you fall ill.

This is a real problem though because if you actually get sick, you need to recover in order to perform at your best in your business and make it a success; to recover, ideally, you should stop working so that both your mind and body can recover, but running your own business, especially if you’re on your own, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

That’s the catch 22 for singleton entrepreneurs, there’s no one to pick up the slack while you’re down and out, unable to even get out of bed. The bulldog would tell you to simply: “work from bed”, and while that’s admirable, is it healthy?

Health is an often overlooked aspect of a business. 

The reality is that if you don’t look after yourself both physically and emotionally, you’re bound to crash or fall ill, and if that happens, your business may suffer in the early stages. We’re not robots, as much as many companies would prefer you to be.

I personally prefer the human touch in my businesses.

I Suffer from Health Problems:

I myself, suffer from a lack of adrenal glands, I’m bound to take medication for the rest of my life, and when I don’t or my supply runs out, like now, I tend to hit something of a depressive tired cycle; nights become longer, days become shorter and my confidence dips.

Running a business is as much about keeping yourself physically fit as it is being mentally sharp.

As I sit here, typing, hoping that I somehow make an impact on some’s choice to choose water over a coke, I also realise that it’s your choice, but I leave you with this simple thought:

How can your business appear healthy to your customers if it’s captain is not. 

Having suffered from some health problem or another throughout my life, I sometimes envy my friends who have no health problems. I envy them because it seems so easy to just let go for them, where I sit here having imposed eating and lifestyle restrictions because my body decided that tumors were the right course of action it should take.

To you friend, I’m not asking you to: “Try this latest weight loss program” or Noakes your life up, I’m simply saying that you’ll be better off long term, but choosing that glass of water over a glass of coke.

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