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Fokofpolisiekar at Rumours Rock City

Fokofpolisiekar at Rumours:

I am sure that you, dear reader, already know that Skoertpatroliewa launched a “crowdfunding” project and raised quite a bit of cash dolla for their new upcoming album.

Over reaching their goal by quite a bit, the Belville rock boys decided that it is time to give something back and to say thank you.

The stage was set at Rumours Rock City in Cresta, Johannesburg. Alongside rock legends Wonderboom, The Sextons and Howie Combrink.

Sunday afternoon was filled to the brink with what could only be a great time!

I have to admit, it was great seeing the gang do their thing again and hearing them busting out the jams that we all know and love. I say this purely because whenever Francois Van Coke pointed the mic to the crowd, Rumours erupted and like a gospel choir sang at the top of their lungs, word for word.

By the time they hit “Fokofpolisiekar” the band grew from a five piece into a maniacal spectacle of invaders, all claiming their right to proudly give different voices to the anthem of a generation.

As always, after the performance, the dudes stuck around for a while for photo-ops and a quick chat with the fans. Twas at this time that I felt like a Hellfire was definitely needed to send Sunday afternoon into the abyss.

If I had to pick a favourite part, it would be one quote:

“Hoe voel dit om kerk te skip om n Fokof show te kyk” – Francois van Coke

I know I speak for far more people than myself when I say that I cannot wait to hear the next installment of the epicness that is FOKOFPOLISIEKAR.

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Written by Etienne Grobler


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