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Boogy Central in Johannesburg

Boogy Central Launch Party:

Boogy Central, the new music, and entertainment company of Gauteng rock band; The Tazers, recently had their launch party in uptown Braamfontein, in the outdoor venue at Republic of 94. Boogy Central is also responsible for the massively successful That 70’s Fest earlier this year. 

While the chilly weather on the night certainly made the tequila shots a welcome relief, the night was a jam ball of local rock and contemporary rock talent, all under the lights of the Braamfontein skyscraper sprawl from a street stage.

The wide range of slightly mad metal rock courtesy of Pollinator and groovy rock of young and fresh Ceramics made for a pretty interesting combination, the upbeat tunes attracted a wider crowd as the night went on, all culminating in a mix of a weirdly laughable mosh pit and large mugs of beer and katemba (I think that was katemba) being thrown around among happy festival veterans.

The rest of the night was made of up of the nation’s greatest surf-rock band: The Moths, The roaring awesomeness (and personal favorite) of The Hellcats and the new kids from Durban with the epic hair; MOUSE! All making an appearance at what promises to be and I hope a regular mainstay at Republic of 94 and Braamfontein.

It’s time we brought the music back, quite literally to the street of the city, bring the life and energy of the urban after dark, bring back the groove. Don’t miss the next installment of this Boogy Central! 

Here are some jams from Pollinator incase you missed them:

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Written by Brett Magill


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