Christian Slater is The Wolf

The Wolf by HP Studios:

Christian Slater is currently starring in a branded studio production: The Wolf, by HP Studios. The four-part series is exciting, deep and dark and emotionally gripping!

It’s almost perfect in the way that there are points where you forget you’re actually watching an HP Printers advert.

What makes the product even better, is that it actually doesn’t matter that it’s an advert, it’s so well written, produced and thought out. Each part adds both entertainment and thought the provoking value to the view, all the while being seduced by Slater’s charm.

As a marketer myself, it’s a stunningly brilliant example of what brands are capable of doing given the opportunity to break from the norm, be brave and interconnect storytelling into their offerings.

The Wolf would make an exciting series on its own, but it just happens to be an HP Printer commercial.

WannaCry Attack and The Wolf Story:

Branded storytelling at it’s finest, yes, but at the same time, what is HP printers attempting to tell us through the Wolf, outside Slater looking really cool for his age?

Our cyber security is becoming a larger concern and is penetrating even the most basic aspects of technological daily life. The Wolf is entertaining, sure, but it’s also a real-world example of how basic cyber security practices and processes could save companies millions in damages and employees their careers.

HP’s latest line of A3 Multifunction Printers aims to save businesses those damages and more importantly, the future of their worker’s lives. Offering the most advanced security features available on the market, that are necessary to combat the growing number of threats targeting business, the new HP A3 printers are the world’s most secure enterprise MFPs in the market.

The new A3 portfolio transforms today’s copier experience for customers and service professionals by offering advanced security features unmatched in the marketplace, affordable colour via HP’s PageWide printing technology, and longer device uptime via HP’s Smart Device Services technology.

Cyber Security is will be more Common:

This year’s WannaCry Ransomware cyber-attack is just one example of how vulnerable our global organizations are, imagine our own personal vulnerability.

It does sound a little dramatic, I’ll be the first to admit that it makes for an entertaining narrative, but it’s fast becoming our reality and it’s our responsibility as technology users, business owners or stakeholders, to take care, or risk losing quite literally everything from people who aren’t as charming as Slater.

For information on the latest printing offering by HP and their security capabilities, click on this link. This is not a paid endorsement.

For your viewing pleasure and content marketing boner, check out the first season of The Wolf, starring Christian Slater: