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Pollinator Release Racehorse Music Video!

Pollinator Release: Racehorse Music Video:

Today the insane rock band that could; Pollinator released their music video: Racehorse for their up and coming album: Fruit, releasing according to their video: September 01 2017.

According to the band, Racehorse: “is about what happens after the horse gets the carrot it’s been chasing for so long? This is a song about the struggle to find meaning and happiness in a repetitive lifestyle and/or a predictable relationship.

The tale of the song punctuates itself with a refrain about winning and losing. Is it a celebration of the two sides of success or a lament about the banal? This is for the listener to decide.” – Pollinator

Who is Pollinator?

The most poetic press release I’ve ever read:

I first heard Pollinator at That 70’s Fest and again, this time sober, at the Boogy Central launch party, and both times I heard one of the craziest hard rock performances in ages! Their stage performance is as alternative as their music and makes for a very very entertaining show.

Evert, Louise and Tim have been a team of love rockers since the beginning of 2015. They released their debut album Honeyeaters in October of that year.

Since then the band have had a chart-topping single, collected a fan base of die-hard lovers who never fail to sing along at the top of their lungs, rocked the James Phillips stage at Oppikoppi festival, moved in together and adopted more cats.

They have been working on their second album, Fruit, since the beginning of 2016. Pollinator describes their music is an “androgynous mix of rock fuelled pop“. Their hooks sail on three piece harmonies while a storm of saturated guitar tone, thought out bass lines and unrelenting drums rages around them.

The seeds of their new album have been planted in the hearts and minds of their fans at live shows and Spring will see the Pollinator’s work bear Fruit. (Clever).

The Fruit Album:

According to the band themselves, the following is how they describe their coming album Fruit:

“The second album in Pollinator’s repertoire is an aural epic. 17 tracks served up with honesty of performance and life. All the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at Evert and Louise’s studio called The Backline.”

“The album title aptly implies that the process of creation for the album was a cultivation. It was grown in the rich soil of personal experiences. There are themes in the album that speak of the ingredients for life: Chaos in order, order in chaos, facing adversity, complacence in comfort, love, death and the search for identity so that it can be challenged.”

“Fruit is a truthful representation of a three piece band giving their all. No sample replacement. No autotune. It’s as organic as a modern market would allow. Fruit can be a vessel for the seed of inspiration or sustenance for a hungry soul. Out September 1st.”

Wow! The album seems to be an artistic masterpiece waiting to happen, I really have no words that can match the pen of the musician that wrote the above release, so, all I’m going to add is that this album seems like it’s going to set a standard and I cannot wait!

Here’s the music video:

What do you think?

Written by Brett Magill


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