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Bye Beneco To Rock Park Acoustics

Have you got plans for Sunday? Yes? No? Either way, somebody thinks you should go to Park Acoustics. The Cool Kids at Bye Beneco had a chat with me about life and playing Park Acoustics this Sunday!

Richard Chemaly (RC): I recall running into (or at least seeing you in the distance) almost every Friday night at Hell’s…now not often as I used to remember you there. Are you getting old? Is the industry taking it’s toll? How are you coping for the increasing demand for you?

Bye Beneco (BB): I think we get our party fix when we play live music and so the need to go out just isn’t really a thing anymore. We’ve pretty focused on writing new material for the last 6 months or so too so we haven’t really been game to dabble with the outside world so much.

RC: Since you toured Europe (not so) recently. In the months you’ve been back, have you tried implementing anything you picked up on that side and how’s that been working out?

BB: Sure, our entire set has changed, our setup too. We’re off to Europe in July for round 2!

RC: Each of you seem to have various side projects. Is there a dedicated practice time you stick to or do you just cram in band time whenever the opportunity arises?

BB: Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays & Sundays are Bye Beneco days. We’re strict about that.

RC: It seems every time you play Park Acoustics, you’re on the lineup with Hot Water! Are you and Don & and gang besties who arrange this every time they come up from Cape Town or is this purely coincidental?

BB: This is coincidental! But we’re super stoked to be on a this lineup.

RC: Since you’ve been around for 5 years and are no strangers to Park Acoustics, is it a good feeling to be invited back so often? With a constantly evolving lineup, is it easier to keep giving something new to the crowd?

BB: We love Park Acoustics. It’s so good to be invited back! It’s easy for us to give the crowd something new because we change our live set up constantly. We go as far as rewriting our old songs to keep things fresh.

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