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Wandile Mbambeni on his new EP: MATURATION

It’s been some time since Wandile released the Maturation EP so we caught up with him regarding it, how it’s going and what lies ahead. Here’s an interview filled with smiles, laughter and reflection:

Richard Chemaly (RC): So Wandile, my girlfriend (who loves your dreads by the way) is a medicine woman who was playing the didgeridoo in another room while I was listening to your music. It didn’t harmonize well so I had to ask her to stop for awhile. Are there any other instruments you or particularly enjoy playing or collaborating with other than your guitar?

Wandile Mbambeni (WM): Ah lovely! Tell her I say thank you! *smiles* Yes I definitely love adding other instruments. I produce as well so it becomes easy experimenting with different sounds. Even the didge. *laughs*

RC: She fell for me initially because of my saxophone ability, which obviously makes our favourite track off the new release, “Don’t”. The refrain in the song is “I will never be perfect” which begs the question on music as well. As a rising star, and with this new release, do you consider your tracks to be perfect or do you sometimes look back and think, I should have done this here?

Photo Credit: Marlon Du Plooy

WM: Ah amazing. Thank you. I want to learn sax. I consider the songs perfect in the moment I’m making them in, performing them. Initially whenever there’s a chance I get to express them. I try to always understand that what is made in the moment is for that moment so I try hard to leave everything I can do for that record in that specific moment and never look back to think heartbreaking thoughts such as ” I should’ve done this here”. I sound like a perfectionist *laughs*.

RC: You played scrumhalf for the EP Kings! This is one of the coolest transitions into music I’ve heard of! Do you keep in touch with the boys and have you ever gone to serenade the team back in the Eastern Cape? Would be cool to market the album at one of their games, maybe even sing the national anthem before a game? Hint hint Kings *winks*

WM: When I look back over time, I’m surprised myself. Yes, my close circle of friends are my rugby friends. I haven’t been back with my guitar no. It’s a damn good idea! Yes and my coach was Mzwandile Stick, hint hint ‘Bra Stix’. Springboks *winks*

RC: Speaking about marketing the new release, I saw you played UJFM. That’s so cool. I remember in my radio days, many artists thought of themselves as too important for campus radio and went straight to the commercial stations. Any favourite performances thus far and where would you like your ambition to lead to you to perform?

WM:  I love UJFM. I had my best time there. Where people are, I will be. Human ears, any human ears are the easiest ears to play soul music to. If you know what I mean. Yes my favorite performance was Rocking The Daisies 2016. I would love for it to lead me back there, international stages, all over Africa, London you know, the world. *smiles*

RC: The gap between the release of the first single, Lovers Like You and the rest of the EP was over half a year! Why the wait?

WM: After the release of Lovers Like You I realized that there was no rush. Even after about half a year some people are still hearing it for the first time. *smiles*

RC: Finally, you have, right now 3999 Facebook followers? Are you doing anything special for your 4000th follower? If so, I just liked your page. *smiles*

RC: Please tell me you and your girlfriend are in Cape Town. If not, I’ll make sure you get something exclusive *laughs* THANK YOU!

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