Atom Band: The Thought Fox Music Video

Atom Band, punk and something else:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about Atom Band, and seriously, I still don’t, but I like their groove and I need to hear more from them soon, they’re weird, rocky and have something that speaks back to old high school rock.

According to the band: Atom Band are a multicultural five piece Art Rock/Indie band based in Johannesburg. Atom Band’s sound encompasses a wide range of eclectic influences ranging from melodic Indie Jangle to left-field Alternative, Art school, Post-Punk and Psychedelic Rock, which you can tell by the style of their music videos. Pink Floyd in its weird interlude. 

The band consists of brothers: Vassan Nirhoo (Vocals) and Riaan Nirhoo (Rhythm Guitar), Robert Krause (Lead Guitar), Bernard Burg (Drums) and Ryan di Domenico (Bass).

Atom Band engage in serious, layered and intellectual songwriting grounded in socially, culturally and politically relevant material that draws influence from religion, literature, art and film.

The band’s original EP: All Liars and Thieves speaks to that whole punk vibe the guys are going for. Have a listen: