Generation Z: Money, Work and Technology

Generation Z and Generation Y: Are Workplaces Geared for them?

When we started working on Milled, it was originally called: Millennials Leaks and Dirt, and that spoke to a narrative for the current generation; a combination of opinions and news pieces that generation Y and superseding generations like Gen Z, would find interesting and useful.

An aspect of life that has become all too familiar in the past few years is how unprepared generations Y and Z are for the working life. How do you create a CV? Understanding the difference between a career and a job and thinking about the bigger picture (Further than Friday drinks).

Millennials vs Generation Z:

Millennials also are known as Yuppies, Generation Y or “Those darn lazy kids”, and Generation Z also are known as, well, we don’t have a name for them yet, but they’ll be entering the workforce soon and Digital Natives kinda sound too upbeat for grumpy Baby Boomers.

Other than their names, popular opinion has Millennials born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, the new generation; Generation Z, are biting the heels of Generation Y, finishing school and slowly getting to work.

Generation Z’s understanding of the world can’t compare to any generation prior, growing up as the first fully mobile and digitally connected generation; their youth shadowed by one of the biggest global recessions in modern history. They speak their own language and are considered more closely aligned in culture to other members of Generation Z around the world, than with older members of their own family.

Generation Z as Employees and Money:

A quick Google of ‘Generation Z’ will throw you pages of advice for how to appeal to this radically different demographic. But what about Gen-Z as employees? I found some things and an infographic about how can businesses better position their company to attract Gen-Z talent or more effectively manage them as part of a team?

The Digital Natives or as I like to call them; “My god we’re not even that lazy” generation (See a trend here), are born with technology in hands. It makes sense too that their eventual financial management is also technologically based.

It makes sense that Gen-Z would one day have apps and platforms to seamlessly manage their life and money where ever they are. It’s going to be an exciting world, and as a Millennial, I relish the conversation with a Gen-Z one day about who’s dumber.

Until then, here’s an infographic we found from Sage with the top 10 things you need to know about Gen-Z in work, money and technology:

Sage Generation Z