An Entrepreneur Who Works For a Corporate

Working for a Corporate:

I’ve always worked for myself, whether it’s when I’m getting paid by a boss or running my own company, I’ve worked for myself and toward my own greater goals; a better life, a better life for my family and to achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself in life (these change from time to time).

I recently met a person who works for a corporate, while developing her own business after hours with a few colleagues.

I was taken aback about how calm and casual she was about the reality of what she was doing: talking openly about how they’ve been finding new clients, developing the business and talking about the grand vision of what’s next.

It was great, refreshing and I loved it!

Being an Entrepreneur within a Company:

If you’re working within a company and trying to work for yourself, you’re not an entrepreneur, you have tendencies to be an entrepreneur. I hate that line of thought though. People have tried coming up with terms like “Intrapreneur”, to make themselves feel like they’re still working for themselves while working for someone else, though it’s not.

The thinking it is: working for someone else to fund your own business makes sense. Running a division or company that you don’t own though as if it was your own business, just makes you a great manager or leader, not an entrepreneur, but working within a company to help you build, align or develop your own company, does make you an entrepreneur.

A lot of my colleagues may not agree with this kind of thinking, and I’ve love to debate the topic, though, for me, it makes capital sense and skill sense.

Develop and grow, get ready, take the breath and start or restart.

Technology Is our Greatest Asset:

When it comes to technology and working, we’re living in the best times in human history for the “go-getter”. A would-be entrepreneur or real entrepreneur can run or create a business with nearly no capital and never leave a desk, if anything, with a bit of savvy they can start a business in a coffee shop on the weekend.

The idea is to work until you can break from your full-time job, for your part-time business to be your full-time job. Taking that risk is where a lot of entrepreneurs fall down, but the great thing is, because of the technology we have available to us today, the risks can be lower and the ability to launch effectively has been never been better.

The only thing these days (we’re talking 2017), is a downturn in the South African economy which can make a lot of things like jumping out of a day-to-day job a bit more riskier.

But, the economy will always turn around and more opportunities will always come around.

Here’s the next step, whether it’s working for yourself within someone else’s business, or just being a great leader for a business. I raise my glass to you, and your hard work and to any degree of luck you may need and bravery you can summon to take the risk and go out on your own, into your own business.