Southern Wild “Lead Role in a Classic Horror” Album Launch

Southern WIld Album Launch:

This past weekend saw one of Cape Town’s favourite live music venues, Mercury Live, packed with family, friends and fans, to celebrate the launch of Southern Wild’s debut album, Lead Role in a Classic Horror. The stage was set – four acts; an electrifying atmosphere and a ton of balloons.

Photo Credit: Danielle Olivier

Southern Wild was formed in 2015 by vocalist, David van Vuuren, who is joined by Julian van Rensburg on guitar, Alex Smillie on bass and Dylan Hunt on drums. The album has been two years in the making and was officially released in April. Having played festivals such as Oppikoppi and Up The Creek in recent years, the band has already made quite a name for itself, which made me even more excited for the evening ahead.

Manny Walters and his band took the stage first – a personal highlight of the night. With catchy riffs and a deeply soulful voice, Manny’s music pulls you in and transports you into his world of blues, until you can’t help but sway along. Violinist Hezron Chetty joined in for a song, and it set the perfect tone for what was coming next.

Enter The Black Cat Bones, and as expected, the boys brought a powerful performance, lighting up the stage with their raw sounds and getting the already-pumped crowd even more amped.

Photo Credit: Danielle Olivier

It was finally time for Southern Wild to perform, the crowd anxiously waiting for them to start. David’s vocals, accompanied by structured melodies and massive build-ups had the crowd dancing, jumping and singing along. Van Vuuren belts out the lyrics with so much passion, as the band fills the room with powerful sounds. The second single off the album, Time Eraser, is a crowd favourite, with the entire audience (very much including this girl) singing along as David starts singing “Cherokeeee”… From the reaction in the smoke-filled room, it’s evident that they’ve made an impression and one that I see as lasting.

Stoker ended the evening with their particular brand of dirty, groovy rock ‘n roll, giving the night the salute. The crowd loved it, the bands loved it, and I have to be completely honest – I was exhausted by the end of the evening. The kind of exhaustion you only feel after almost four hours of singing and jumping along, being transported from note to note by artists who put so much passion into what they’re doing, it’s impossible not to feel it with them.

It may have taken some time for them to finally release an album but going by the launch party, there is a lot of energy captured in that recording.

Photo Credit: Danielle Olivier