Get to know us! Etienne Grobler

Who is Etienne Grobler?

While many people read our stuff, they have no idea who the people are behind the scenes of Milled. To remedy this I caught up with Etienne and asked him the pertinent questions about his life from manning the bar at Hell’s Kitchen to being an artistic wizard at Canvas Cultique and even jamming for bands like Moose and the Reverend and Hope is for Heroes

Richard Chemaly (RC): So you do tattoos, yeah? And you play for a band? Have you ever tried doing the two at once?

Etienne Grobler (EG): Yes and Yes… doing both at once could be a bit troublesome as I am either climbing things while screaming at people or behind a drum kit doing my best octopus impression… But I have tattooed band members before if that counts?

RC: We found out that you moved to Gauteng from the Free State. Were all your buddies jelly until they found out that you’re in Alberton or haven’t you told them yet?

EG: *laughs* Well technically I am in Alberton 5 days a week from 10:00 until 17:00. I found that my mates are more jelly about where I get to hang out and with whom… and yes… I have told them.

RC: Man, you can shred a guitar…why haven’t we heard more about you until now?

EG: I reckon you have just been looking in the wrong places and/or circles! Just kidding… or am I? For real though, it has never been about “me” though. Always had been about the group. Also, I can absolutely not write popular Afrikaans music. Believe me, I have tried.

RC: And now you’re contributing to Milled. What brought you here?

EG: Yeah I am! Funny story actually. I was pouring a few drink a while ago and bumped into an old friend, let’s call him “Anthony” that enlightened me about Milled. We discussed it a bit and before I knew, I was considered a contributor. Loving every minute of it.

RC: Have you ever worn underwear which you didn’t own?

EG: I have! Not my proudest moment, but touring with a band can get raucous and things tend to get out of hand. At least they were clean… Rather, that is what I was told.

RC: Tell us about your band. Who is in it? What do you play? Who sponsors you? Who would you like to sponsor you? What’s your riffs to screams ration? Y’know…that kinda stuff.

EG: Well, there would be two different projects to mention. Hope is for Heroes, a metalcore outfit where the scream to riff ratio is amicable yet waaaay above the norm. Everybody in HIFH goes by a code name though…

Wyrm jams out the riffs alongside Braaicore while Spit busts out them smooth basslines. Currently we are on the prowl for a new beat machine. More news on that shortly.

Then Moose and the Reverend is a two piece, dirty sex rock n roll band where Werner Jordaan heads up the mic and guitar while I get to beat things with sticks.

Sponsors… ever the elusive dream for any band.

RC: Everybody has a drink of choice but rockstars, as we know, have like 5…mixed in a cocktail shaker. What’s your poison and how do you prepare it?

EG: Nothing rock n roll about cocktails and mixers… Me, I prefer Hellfire, Tequila, Beer and whiskey. Neat. Not so much mixed, but in quick succession.

RC: What’s your perfect date and how would you convince anybody to go along with it?

EG: In all honesty, perfect date would be to take someone along to a kick ass gig. Talking points are already sorted, there is quiet time without it being awkward and it is a hella good time.

Getting someone to tag along is the easy part… “So I got these media passes for this show… do you feel like checking it out?”

RC: You have a tattoo of Freakzoid? What the…?

EG: Best. Cartoon. Ever. Truthfully, it reminds to to not take life too seriously. Be silly… it is okay and sometimes encouraged. Pffff.

RC: What makes your writing the kinda stuff so many people want to read?

EG: Oh I don’t know if people want to read it. I like to just put it out there and share my experience. I thoroughly believe in Gonzo journalism. Three steps…

1: Find an event
2: Immerse yourself completely
3: Write about the experience, not just the event.

I guess people like the idea of getting all the ins and outs as a whole. Even the stupid shit. I get myself into plenty of that.

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