We Speak with JR Ahead of Liefde By Die Dam

JR Comes to Liefde by die Dam:

Liefde by die Dam is always a great party and mainly so because it attracts cool artists…and there’s a dam. One such artist is JR so I spoke to him about coming from Bloem, his feel good sessions and twitter followers.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Aweh…another Bloemfontein Boytjie! Did you also pull the same stunt as your namesake JR(R) Tolkien and leave when you were like 3 years old?

JR: *laughs* Did I? Let me think? Maybe I did *Laughs*

RC: As a rapper and hip hop artist, you’ve been on the national stage for nearly a decade. How does a rapper maintain the rap idol lifestyle for so long?

JR: I’ve always considered myself as more of a musician than a rapper, you always have to keep up with the changes in the music industry & work with people who inspire you to be great. I also think being a versatile artist who can produce, write, direct a choir, do television shows, etc has really contributed to staying relevant for the past 9 years in the music industry.

RC: Of course, you’re not only an artist and you seem to be making deeper moves into collaboration and production. So you’ve done a lot of AKA. Who’s the next up and coming artist?

JR: There are a lot of artists who have the potential to be big, it’s just a matter of time. I don’t have anyone in particular that I could call the “next up and coming artist”. I have featured a couple of artists I think are super talented on my Feel Good Live Sessions.

RC: You’ve got over 100 000 twitter followers, so it must be asked…which one is your favourite? One day Dylan Moran liked a tweet of mine and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. Who are you most happy about following you?

JR: *laughs* I don’t have anyone in particular, I just love interacting with my fans more & I even follow back a lot of them who have been supporting my career

RC: Especially for somebody who colabs as much as you do, going to a festival like Liefde By Die Dam must be a great networking opportunity for you. Who are you most keen to “bump into accidentally” backstage?

JR: I want it to be a surprise, maybe someone not even on the line-up *laughs*.

RC: Of course you’re known by many for Show Dem, so it’s generally expected to be in your set. I know a couple of artists who know what their most popular songs are and deliberately don’t play them to mess with the audience. Is that you?

JR: I haven’t performed Show Dem in so many years. Maybe I will perform it, maybe I won’t.

RC: We’re looking forward to your set, whether you’re alone or your bring more artists on stage with you. Which international have you not performed with that you’d like to?

JR: I have no one in particular.

Date: 6 August 2016

Time: 10AM – 6PM

Venue: Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg

Tickets: R165 Online / R200 Gate / R600 PLUS / Under 12: R75

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