We Talk with Die Heuwels Fantasties ahead of Park Acoustics

Die Heuwels Fantasties at Park Acoustics:

It’s Park Acoustics time again this Sunday and Die Heuwels Fantasties will be there. Excited that summer is making a return…slowly, I caught up with Hunter Kennedy on all things sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Man, you’ve been around for 10 years as a band and as artists, even longer. Aren’t you guys tired yet? How much more sex, drugs and rock and roll can your bodies take?

Hunter Kennedy (HK): The tiredness comes and goes! I love my job, so I’m gonna try and keep doing this for as long as possible. Hopefully do things smarter as things progress. My body can handle still handle sex. Depends on which drugs you’re referring to and Rock ‘n Roll in small doses.

RC: Since you all come from (and still maintain) other bands, how has the cross-pollination of music worked for you?

HK: Honestly, it’s actually only helped things along. I feel that we’re apart of a bigger collective of people who look out for each other.

RC: After more than 2 years of waiting, we finally got some new music a couple of months ago. How’s the new album going and have you been touring it extensively?

HK: I think it’s going well? *laughs*. I basically gauge our popularity by a number of bookings we get and since the album, the demand has gone up. So that’s a good thing. We haven’t toured the album specifically, but we’ve been playing a lot and it’s been going lekker.

RC: When you went to Vleesbaai to capture the mood, as you put it to complete your songs for the album, did JR come with? He’s awesome on Koeëlbaai.

HK: He wasn’t here for the writing, no. He came over to record at a later stage when we were at Sunset Studios in Stellenbosch. Yeah, he’s a fucking legend. I love him. As a man.

RC: I’ve had a few mates who have worked and recorded with Hiram and loved his input and expertise…not to mention sax. How was it working with him and has his influence affected you in any way? Ever taking him on tour?

HK: He plays with us as often as he can. He’s in Europe with Jeremy Loops now. He is a busy man. I miss him when he doesn’t play for us. He brings such a great energy to a live show. He co-wrote a song on the album, Praat Met My and actually plays the guitar on that. He is an amazing musician. His sax work has most definitely informed the direction of a lot of the songs on OKAY! Sometimes when he’s sleeping I just stare at him. 

RC: So to Park Acoustics…something you’re very familiar with, will we be getting a whole performance of the new album or are you mixing it up?

HK: It’ll be a mix. We do a few of the new songs. Hopefully, JR and Hiram can be there!

RC: Finally, in terms of Park Acoustics, you’ve been in the industry long so are any of the newer bands and their members ever star struck when they hang backstage with you? What’s the best advice you share with upcoming artists who approach you backstage for tips?

HK: No, I don’t think band members are star struck. Best advice is to Stay Together For The Kids.