Bad Peter Set to Rock Park Acoustics

Are you going to be at Park Acoustics? We are! You know who else is? This Bad Peter duo! We like their acousticness and stuff so it was imperative that I got a chance to speak to them…and speak to them I did. We spoke about Varsity Cup, friendship in business and a new EP!

Richard Chemaly (RC): A folk band that has not got a recording of This Train? Are you the rebels of the genre? You do do a couple of covers though, which gets the most appreciation at your gigs?

Bad Peter (BP): *laughs* no not at all.  I guess we just love venturing a bit into different genres, we’re not quite sure what type of band we are.  We simply love playing acoustic guitar regardless of the genre.  So interestingly the cover that get’s the most appreciation is an electronic song; Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.

RC: What’s your take on the rise of folk music in SA? It’s seemingly becoming more and more popular to go bluesy and folk than to go full rock? Is the nation calming down? 

BP: Wouldn’t say the nation is calming down necessarily, there’s still a massive love for rock in this country.  As for the rise of folk and blues music in SA there’s definitely a lot of bands that started venturing into these genres.  I think the fact that both blues and folk is so deeply personal and raw has a lot to do with it.  People see through fabrication and are looking for that “human” element if you could say that.  Real music made by real people.  Blues and folk musicians never sing or play perfectly.

RC: The two of you have known each other much longer than the band has existed. Friends starting a career together could be challenging though you seem to be making it work. Even the amalgamation of your two names into the band’s name is really cool. Obviously there will be a fall out here and there, especially with the exhaustion of touring so…what’s the stupidest thing you two have fought over?

BP: It definitely can be challenging but we’ve always been good at working together.  Even before we decided to do this professionally, working together always came very natural to us.  Of course we’ve had our fall outs but we always try and sort things out as soon as possible.  The stupidest thing we’ve fought over?  We were playing in Kimberley and was set to go home the next morning. We weren’t seeing eye to eye with how early we should be hitting the road.  Needless to say, we were shouting at one another for the first hour or so of our trip back.  So ja really stupid but nothing too hectic.  We’re not big fighters *laughs*

RC: We saw you at Park Acoustics last year and it was tons of fun. It’s about time that the people of Pretoria got a repeat prescription though you haven’t really released new material since then so is it more or less what we got last time or has your set changed?

BP: Like the sound of that!  With our new EP being released in September this year, we’ll definitely be playing all the new songs on Sunday!  The great thing about Park Acoustics is that people are there for the music, so it’s an awesome opportunity to play our new stuff!

RC: Both of you have had your stints at the University of Pretoria (interestingly in fields hardly directly related to music) but you’re going to be on stage with boys from Belville which begs the question…are you brave enough to go up to them and scream, “Tuks of niks?” I’m sure being on your home turf would help?

BP: *laughs* That sounds more like something the varsity cup team would do!

RC: Finally, since being around for a couple of years what is the goal for the rest of 2017? *Hints at a new release*

BP: We’re super excited to be releasing our new EP titled Need To Hear on the 1st of September at Industrial Coffee Works in Centurion. We’ll be dropping 2 singles before that too, keep your eyes on our social media for details!