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Crimson House Howling at Park Acoustics August!

Crimson House and Brett Magill:

One of the breakout acts for me last year was the Crimson House performance at the annual New Year’s Smoking Dragon Festival in Kwa-Zulu Natal! When I had a few minutes to chat to the guys about their upcoming performance at the August edition of Park Acoustics, you better believe I grabbed the opportunity with all four limbs!

While you’re reading this one-on-one chat, why not listen to Crimson House’s latest single: Take a Chance:

Brett Magill [BM]: Crimson House blasted on the scene for me when I attended last year’s Smoking Dragon Festival, and the band was one of the most active and entertaining on stage, blending both your original music and what is essentially a live stage performance! When it comes to running and jumping into crowds, whats the weirdest thing you’ve ever experienced from your fans?

Crimson House [CH]: Well, weird is expected from our fans, we like to get weird and hopefully bring it out in others. Though weirdest thing I’ve had recently from a fan is a dude sending me a heavy breathing voice note saying “you guys are mos famous, do you know Matthew Mole? and Jeremy Loops? if you do, can you please send me their WhatsApp numbers”, It was creepy as hell

(That’s damn weird!)

it’s all about that bounce, that gets the body in motion

BM: Crimson House, the name speaks to the passion and deep neon light at midnight, but what’s the inspiration for Crimson House, what was the idea for the band that would become one of the smoothest names in gypsy jazz right now?

CH: It was really a play on words from a Jimi Hendrix song, but also coming from Namibia where a Crimson sunset is our daily bread.

BM: Gypsy Jazz/Jungle, as a genre, is something a lot of people aren’t familiar with, what elements do gypsy jazz have that makes it stand-out in contrast to other genres today, specifically in the commercial rock and jazz scene.

CH: Well it’s all about that bounce, that gets the body in motion, we have been taking elements from Electro Swing, and just doing it acoustically with instruments, our whole genre is based on bouncing, and then bringing out the jungle grooves for the hips to get involved.

Crimson House at Park Acoustics:

BM: This month, we’re getting to experience Crimson House at Park Acoustics, a lot of people are going to be seeing you and experiencing your energy for the first time, is there something new howling at your creative door that your older fans can expect this month?

CH: We have added 4 new songs to our set that is all about the bounce, it’s tough when you have 3 albums to pick only 10 songs, but we have worked it into a fine blend, and non-stop bounce, as well as some party tricks for good measure.

BM: Something I’ve always wondered if you’re called Crimson House, where’s all the crimson? (Looks at a black and white logo)

CH: Well, we thought of having a red house logo, but in the end, we just stick to simplicity in our design, we’re learning though.

BM: Smoking Dragon seemed to just pull everyone together, how does that band play with other mavericks in the local music scene when it comes to collaborations? You seem to fit in seamlessly with everyone!

CH: We believe that music is music, its an international language, so we can all collaborate very easily, Crimson House started out as a house band backing various singers, so for the last 7 years we have done every genre imaginable, the boys are versed in everything from Latin, swing, reggae, rock, metal, punk, indie, jazz you name it, we’ve played it.

Crimson House Album in 2018!

BM: I downloaded Howling at Your Door that day I got back from the festival, but that is going to be almost a year ago, when can we expect your next album are there any new flavors coming out of the next installment?

CH: We have got 4 new singles we’ll be releasing this year, and you can expect a full-length new album in the end of 2018. Our latest single “Take a chance” will be launched on week after park acoustics, and we will be performing it there!

BM: Has Riaan Smit ever broken a leg or limb running around on stage and if so, which one?!

Riaan Smit: Haha, not on stage, but I have broken both legs when I was hit by a car as a kid, spent 2 years in a wheelchair and about a year in crutches, even played one of my first gigs while still cripple. my nickname was “Cripple X” I was told I would never walk again, but I was too stubborn to listen.

BM: Nick Becker looks like the youngest member of the group, how old is he, and would he be down for a sax-off with one of our co-writers, Richard Chemaly?

CH: He’s always down for a sax-off! He is the youngest, but he’s only a year younger than the rest of us.

BM: I’m still such a new fan considering you guys have been around for a while, but are there plans for an international tour? Europe, the US?

Crimson House: We tend to jump overseas to the states and the Caribbean every year with Nick and I’s offshoot project “The Brothers Remedy” but we’re hoping to afford to bring the whole Crimson House band to the states in 2018, we’ll see how the booking goes!!!

In the meantime, PARK ACOUSTICS!
Crimson House by Lorna D Press (2)
Crimson House by Lorna D Photography

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Written by Brett Magill


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