Park Acoustics on Sunday and it Seems Missu is Excited

To end a great weekend of fun vibes, what could be a better way to wind it down than with Park Acoustics. Sean Ross, frontman and everything else of MISSU seems to agree. Brett had a chat with him leading up to Sunday’s gig!

Brett Magill (BM): A friend described you guys as psychedelic EDM, but how would you describe yourselves? With music changing every day and every week, a new sub-genre is created and filled, what makes you new and fresh?

MISSU (M): *laughs* Psychedelic EDM! I don’t know about that but I suppose I’m not the one viewing it. So MISSU is just me at this point, Sean Ross. I would say the sound is very future oriented, with the newer stuff being a bit more experimental. I also just like stuff that makes people move.

BM:It’s nice to see more Durban crews coming up for us sweaty Joburgers! Ever been to Jo’burg before? What did you get up to?

M: I was just there last month and played at Kitcheners with the Subterranean Wavelength crew and loved it. Jozi people are so friendly.

Photo Credit: Brett van Dort

BM: Your most recent work, WAVES, was an interesting collaboration with quite a lot of people, but was also the first time I’ve heard you working around a Hip-hop commercial energy? Is this a style you guys are going to look at following for a while, maybe in a new album set?

M: It’s not a specific sound any of us are going for. The track just evolved as more artists got added and it just became a fluid collaboration of everyone giving their flavour. I’m sure we will all work together again at some point but yeah it was what it was.

BM: Speaking of albums! Yours, let’s talk, where, when, how, and what’s it going to be about?

M: *laughs* It’s on the way and features quite a few collaborations. It will be out this year though.

BM: Okay, for the readers at home, this should have probably been first, who’s your crew made up of? This is weird, but normally I track down all the information I can on a musician before, but you’re digitally a mystery! Talk to me, who are you, what are you about? What can we expect in the next few months? Can I sleep on your couch if I cover a gig of yours next time I’m in Durbs?

M: *laughs* a digital mystery! I have instagram and would say that’s a good starting point. We don’t really have a crew in Durban but everyone is pretty close and we all support each other, especially in the alternative scene XX Besides doing gigs in Gauteng we’re hoping to get more Jozi/PTA acts in Durban. We have venues. We have beaches and we’re all pretty friendly.

BM: Jokes aside, What are we getting at this month’s Park Acoustics? Ever had the Pretoria crowd before?

M: I think there were some PTA cats at my Mieliepop set this year and they had some great energy so I’m gonna use that as a reference.