Getting cosy with local pop-synth duo MYMYMY

Certain things in life are better in pairs – something that’s true for local bilingual pop-synth duo, MYMYMY.

Made up of Jana Oosthuizen and Conrad van Breda, both skilled artists and teachers in their own right, MYMYMY takes the listener along for the ride with their uniquely nostalgic sound. We met up for a drink, coincidentally on the same day that my mother came down from Bloemfontein. While I got to know them a little, she promised to get them playlisted.

The duo met through a mutual friend, and immediately bonded over their love for music. They started experimenting early on, but only really connected quite recently. Jana studied cabaret, teaches drama during the day and graces the audience with her emotive, raw vocals at night. Conrad, who is classically trained, teaches young minds the violin, and creates the beautiful electronic soundscapes.

Talking about their current space, Conrad explains that they’ve now come to a place of structure in their music. Their sound speaks to who they are, with a maturity that only comes with trying and failing a few times. While they’re still feeling their way around, they are ready to see where the road takes them.

They’ve very recently released what they describe as their first real music video, “Strange Places”.

The song itself is reminiscent of a space where happiness is a choice. The time when you feel ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone. The video perfectly visualises the mood that the music creates. Filmed and directed by Pieter Seyffert, the video sees the picturesque views of Cape Town as the backdrop to a beautiful party scene.



On the evening of the launch, Nomad Bistro & Bar was packed. The atmosphere was electric, until the moment that they were about to perform and there was no sound due to a malfunction. They played the entire show as is, and although they were a bit disappointed by the situation, the crowd’s reaction was still fantastic.

Luckily for us, they’re doing it again – get yourself (and a few of your friends) to Nomad Bistro & Bar on Wednesday, 20 September, to catch MYMYMY and Bernelie for an evening of sounds, snacks and spirits.

You can give Strange Place a listen right here.