Jaco Mans talks to us ahead of Blood Brothers

If you’re not familiar with Blood Brothers, it’s a really awesome cancer fighting gig where awesome musos leave their bands and form one super duper aweh lekker band. One such awesome muso is Jaco Mans. I had a chat to him about all things from hair to bongwater!

Richard Chemaly (RC): I know it’s been awhile (like a few years) but it seems nobody ever asked you…why the haircut?

Jaco Mans (JM): I cut my hair 10 years ago when I started playing for Bok Van Blerk, I was afraid of the Boere with the long hair

RC: You’re no stranger to just playing and making something with other artists. I think of your groups like Coelacanth, Fake Leather Blues Band (sometimes) and Southern Gypsy Queen which are all bands you’ve played in but rarely credited for. How do you keep yourself from confusing one bands lick with another?

JM: Yeah. That’s my trick, being diverse, different guitars for different bands and different poison.

RC: So collaboration definitely seems to be your thing, is there anybody you’re particularly keen on playing with who you haven’t had the opportunity to yet? 

JM: Yes! Valliant Swart! I have always been a big fan of the Mystic Boer and hopefully one day I’ll get to jam with him.

RC: Despite this, you also seem to throw a couple of solo gigs here and there…or I could be wrong. Are you indeed DJ Bongwater or is there another dude called Jaco Mans? What’s that about? More importantly, I’ve been trying to break into the DJ scene and get a gig on Mr Price Radio. Any tips?

JM: Yes I am DJ Bongwater. It started at Strab. I also have a lekker vinyl collection so bought myself turn tables and geez it’s been too much fun. But yes I am also fairly new at this and I mostly spin at my girlfriends poetry event Dowe Digters.

RC: Finally, from Tidal Waves to the Ultranatives to all the other crews you play with, you’ve dabbled in many genres! What kind of music are we going to get at Blood Brothers and how do you see all these artists fusing?

JM: Rock and Roll, it’s a interesting blend of artists, from Punk to new Metal, but at the end of the day it all falls under Rock, high energy, guitar solo’s and 2 kick ass Drummers! I can’t wait!


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