Lonesome Dave Ferguson talks to us ahead of the Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival

This year’s annual Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival will see an array of brewers delighting the crowd with their delicious brews, as a few talented artists gets the vibe going.

I caught up with blues man Lonesome Dave Ferguson, to find out what he’s got coming your way.

MT: Hi Dave, my first question to you, why are you so Lonesome?
LDF: Ha! Are we not all lonesome at all times from cradle to grave? Regardless of the company we may keep in the interim?

MT: How and when did you learn to play the harmonica?
LDF: In truth I am still learning but I first bought a harmonica in 1989 sometime as it was ‘cheaper than a guitar’ 🙂

MT: Who/what has been the biggest influence on your music career?
LDF: There have been so many influences but in terms of embarking on the whole looping thing I’d have to say it was my friend Benjamin Darvill (A.K.A Son of Dave) that first hipped me to the possibilities that lay within that path…

MT: How did you come about your current sound – I’m assuming it’s not what you initially had in mind when you started performing?
LDF: Well I’m constantly developing and working on what can be achieved overall sonically in what I do but in short it started out simply and has become far more complicated in the interest of keeping things ‘simple’ 😉

MT: You’ve been performing all over the world for quite some time, what’s the craziest show you’ve ever played?
LDF: A tricky question indeed as there are so many different variations of “crazy” ranging from playing in front of a crowd of up to 10k to being asked to do an intimate performance to a crowd of 1 but in truth they are all the same and entirely unique by nature…

MT: Your music tells the story of blues and whiskey, a classic combination. What’s your poison of preference? Craft beer, perhaps?
LDF: Whiskey is most commonly associated with the Blues but if you’ve ever had the Blues you’d know that one will pretty much take whatever’s going 😉 (it is a far, far better thing to have ‘loved the Blues’ than to have ‘lived them’)… If given a choice though my preferences are simple, I tend to choose beer over many other temptations.

MT: Do you know the difference between a lager, an ale, a stout and an IPA?
LDF: About R5.50 depending on how it’s marketed 😉

MT: What can the audience expect from your set at the Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival this year?
LDF: My sound and show is constantly morphing and developing but as always I’ll be giving it my absolute best 🙂

MT: For anyone who hasn’t listened to your music, describe it in three words?
LDF: Different every time

If you’re as excited as we are about seeing Dave perform, we have a treat for you…

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