Gerald Clark Hits Us Up Before Park Acoustics

It’s Park Acoustics time again this weekend and we had the most quickfire convo with blues master Gerald Clark who will be playing with Guy Colins…talking Tarintino film scores, travels and a new album!

Richard Chemaly (RC): So Gerald…on a personal note it’s great to speak to you again since you were the first artist I’ve ever interviewed for Milled. That seems like a good place to start. Has┬áTarantino still not contacted you to put your music in his movies?

Gerald Clark (GC): He did! Expect it to happen in 2025.. long term plan!

RC: I had joked back then about a 5th studio album but it seems to be on the cards now. I know it’s unethical to ask about release dates but surely I can ask how the Afrocoustic is sounding?

GC: Imagine all my album’s music played acoustically, live with some strong South African sounds provided by Barry van Zyl (Johnny Clegg’s drummer and Josh Hawkes (freshly Ground’s bassist).

Photo Credit: Vetman Photography and Design

RC: You’ve just come back from touring up north with Guy Collins. His middle name is Wolfman but yours is James. How do you share a stage with a dude who upstages you based entirely on second names?

GC: James and the Wolfman!! Dude!

You just gave me a cool band name!

Whats the question again?

RC: It looks like you’ve been on another inspirational journey again – any tales from the road?

GC: What happens on the road stays om the road and will be revealed in the next album *winks*

RC: Coming back to Park Acoustics, seems the chilled atmosphere is right up your ally but you’ll be sharing a lineup with newcomers Wolfgang Marrow. Have you heard of our good friends before and what do you think of their take on the blues?

GC: They are great and really enjoying what they do. Love it!

RC: Finally, you’ve also recently been performing up in Europe. Clearly you have what it takes to make it abroad. What keeps bringing you back to play Pretoria?

GC: Park Acoustics…obviously!