Oppi: New Dates so New Survival Guide

Even the most avid Oppi-goer will not have the requisite experience to face the challenges that come with an October Limpopo summer fest. Since 1994, Oppikoppi has been hosted within the 10 day slot between 3 and 12 August…well except Plunge way back in 2002 which fell in September (oh and 1994 when it was in May)…so this is the first time we have an Oppi so late in the year and we’re about to drop some wisdoms into the changes you might want to consider in your preparation.

Indeed, you can find a ton of old content and guides that remain true. They will afford you wisdoms like avoid getting freaky in the dust, shower with wetwipes and bring plenty of water. Of course all those remain true but this is not one of those guides. No! These wisdoms are tailored specifically to get you out of the Oppi in August mindset and place you in the Oppi in October mindset.

1. Pack Lighter

Photo Credit: John Hogg

With the average Northam temperature increasing 7,2 degrees Celsius from August (16,4) to October (23,6), this year’s Oppi is bound to be hotter…so much so, in fact, that the art of picking the precise minute to change from shorts to longs at night and back to shorts in the morning will become more lost than the ability to speak Latin.

Importantly, the average minimum temperature jumps from 7.3 to 16.1 over the 2 month period. Whatever you do, an extra bag of ice might be helpful.

Still though, take a jacket. These figures are merely averages and there always exists the possibility of outliers.

Perhaps some extra undies too…the crotch sweat is real even in the low temperature.

2. Pack a Raincoat while you’re at it

Yup, with average rainfall of 50mm in October, Northam may decide to make things wet…at least wetter than August’s average 2mm of rain. Northam gets most of it’s rainfall in the following 5 months but the start of the rainy season is in October. With forecasts of clouds and rain especially on Thursday and Friday, you may want to break out some of your Lush Fest or Splashy Fen gear.

This may also mean you will have to plan your firepits accordingly. Thankfully, owing to the rise in temperature, having a serious fire won’t be as necessary as in the past when fighting off the hypothermia.

I’m not sure what happens with the wind but moving air in the heat is always lekker anyway.

3. Pest Control

For the life of me, I could not find a study on mosquito population climates in Limpopo but if there’s one thing the that the Izikhokho Show taught me, it’s that there’s witchcraft in Limpopo.

While it will still be early days and pests will probably be few in number, there’s little getting away from the inevitable consequences of warmer weather and increased rainfall.

Whatever though, nothing you can’t beat with some innovation…or a little citronella in your firepit.

I’ve been told that mosquitoes prefer blood which is already marinated. Apparently they find it as efficient to mix their blood and alcohol like a liquor rep mixes business and pleasure…so if you are so inclined, cutting back on your disco biscuits might be helpful.

4. Budget

As much as it’s totally worth it, Oppi still costs money and depending on how hard you go, it could cost a lot. The fact that the festive season is 2 months closer means that extra consideration may have to go into your money plans.

Of course, you’ve had 2 extra months of build up but that means you’ll have 2 less months to build up again. Don’t be that uncle who can’t buy his nephew’s a present because you went to Oppi. And no, there’s nothing they can do with the dusty Oppi bottle “souvenir”.

5. Attitude

Photo Credit: John Hogg

Oppi is bound to be different and we have a human reaction to avoid change. Getting over ourselves is often difficult but Oppi provides the most amazing place to be yourself and that’s not likely to change.

Prepare yourself for all the above and you’ll still hear the next person yelling “KOPPIIII” in response to your “OPPIIIII”, you’ll still get infected with the black lung and you will still party your face off between many camps and stages.

If you read our review of Oppi last year, you’d know that all factors point to all predictions that year on year it will be a kak festival, but year on year it proves the prophets wrong. This year, sure, will be a greater challenge but Oppi remains the perfect canvass on which to paint long lasting memories so get over the issues, prep for them and bring the gees hard and strong!