Atom Band: Rabbit Season’s a Witch Launches

[su_spacer] It’s not easy to critique another person’s work, especially if it’s art, music is art. But what I can tell you is how I felt about the latest release from Atom Band: Rabbit Season’s a Witch!

Atom Band: Rabbit Season’s a Witch:

Rabbit Season’s a Witch (Listen on Deezer) is the latest EP by Johannesburg Indie/Alternative/Post-Punk rock band: Atom Band. The band’s original album: All Liars and Thieves, included elements I enjoyed from 80’s and 90’s punk schools, Rabbit Season’s a Witch, specifically Crash Balled, feels far harder while the rhythm feels very Surf Rock, similar to what you’d find from The Moths.

You do feel that Atom Band put a lot of their deeper emotions into this EP, speaking more of love and life. A lot of this emotion translated by the tone of vocal lead: Vassan Nirhoo.

If you’re looking for a taste of Johannesburg post-punk with hard rock elements and indie rock vocals, have a listen to Rabbit Season’s a Witch.