FOKOFPOLISIEKAR: Selfmedikasie Album Tour, Everything You Need to Know:

FOKOFPOLISIEKAR: Selfmedikasie is officially here:

Dis in my bloed, baby (It’s in my blood, baby): 

FOKOFPOLISIEKAR’s highly anticipated album, Selfmedikasie (Self-medication) is officially out exclusively on iTunesApple Music and in stores.

Die Bende has once again produced a timeless album with a revitalised Fokofpolisiekar sound that sticks and makes their listeners feel.  The lyrics are profound, introspective and questioning of its personal and socio-political landscape.

With this project, Fokofpolisiekar tried to capture the spirit of the music that influenced them when they were teenagers.

Earlier this year the band famously raised over a R1 million with the help of their most loyal fans to fund the production of Selfmedikasie.  Their motto has always been “Passion. Liberation. Independence.”  That is why it was it was Fokofpolisiekar’s mission from the outset to release Selfmedikasie 100% independently, free from any investor or record label interference.

Selfmedikasie was entirely self-produced and recorded at Fokofpolisiekar’s guitarist, Johnny de Ridder’s studio in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. The design work is done by one of the band’s closest friends, the artist Marchand.

Selfmedikasie is an album that will have fans passionately singing along for years to come and the perfect snap-shot of where Fokofpolisiekar find themselves now.

Check out the Music video of Dis in my bloed, baby:

Selfmedikasie Album Track List:

The album’s cover is an Ouroboros.  Hunter Kennedy, the group’s lyricist, guitar player and backing vocalist, explains that it “represents the eternal cycle of self-destruction and rebirth.”

Fokofpolisiekar Selfmedikasie OuroborosAbout the choice of the album title, Francois van Coke explains: “Selfmedikasie is the title of one of the tunes on the album, but the band believes that Fokofpolisiekar has had a therapeutic influence on our lives.  It really helped me over the years to shout to people night after night at our shows. It helped me to calm down.  Fokofpolisiekar was our church, family and medication.

Track list:
  • Dis in my bloed, baby
  • Parkiebank, Herfs 2017
  • Afgesonder
  • Ek glo in die son
  • Selfoontoring van Babel
  • Ek is cool (ons is fukt-up)
  • Wat is hierdie liedjie se naam?
  • Belowe jou, belowe my
  • Selfmedikasie
  • B2CY
  • Komma
  • FLVJ
  • Lied van die slang

This album will be best enjoyed with earphones on or blasting through your sound system at full volume while browsing through the spectacular 32-page CD booklet. The booklet includes all the lyrics and every track has a custom artwork by the artist Marchand.


Selfmedikasie Album Launch Tour: