Krank’d Up Fest 2017: The Metal Beat The Storm

Krank’d Up Festival 2017:

Krank’d Up Festival 2017, was one of the best festivals of its kind this year. Though not always smooth sailing with some headliner changes earlier this year, random downpours on the day and a few sound issues on the night, Krank’d Up Festival for me, remains the metal music festival of the year.

South African Metal and Dad-Rock:

When good music comes together; you’re spoilt for stages. This year, I managed to enjoy the set of a Dad-Rock band: State Society, who for me was one of the most entertaining lesser known crews on the day, carried by their sheer stage performance and crowd appeal.

Krankd Up Festival 2017

While at the same time on the main stage, I managed to get tastes of the rest of our local talent, with a few standing out for me this year and appealing to my angrier personality: My Columbine and Savage Lucy! Definitely two bands to check out and keep on the list for next years set! Though I may be biased, I did need to get the rage out after making a poor life choice to argue with the stage manager who was just doing his job (sorry dude).

According to, My Columbine suffered some technical problems too, which is sad considering the dudes have put a lot of energy and time into their work toward Krank’d Up Fest.

We were really gutted to see power issues arise on the inside stage just as our mates in My Columbine began their set. So frustrating, as they had only just told us earlier in an interview how excited they were for it. I think to make up to them for this they should get the main stage slot next year Krank’d Up!” –

We’re sure they’ll be back with a righteous vengeance next year! 

There were Thunder and Lightning!

As Red Helen was finishing their final set, the rains came down, stagehands panicked and everyone ran for cover and a shot! I’m making it sound more dramatic than it was, but it was easily one of the most amazing things I’ve seen at a music concert: everyone just calming walking to cover, meeting new friends under the tents and sharing a drink or two.

Not a moment as the rain vanished, Memphis May Fire glared on stage with a bang! Oh and was it ever a bang!

We had a chat with Matty Mullins before the show (see Etienne Grobler and Matty Mullins conversation here), and it seemed that we were going to get the energy and excitement we were promised! The guys didn’t disappoint; as if powered by the lightning itself, Memphis May Fire brought the energy of the crowd back to its zenith within a moment of thunder!

It was one hell of a show, something that I struggle to put into words, something that I can tell you, you needed to be there to feel!

Going Krank’d Up Festival:

One of the top metal festivals this year, Krank’d Up Festival offers a unique mix of international metal headliners, local up and comers and the opportunity for new kids, so shine, or stand out, or, whatever metal bands do, wear Slipknot shirts? whichever.

While behind the scenes a lot of hard work was going on to keep the show on track and stopping tweens from driving home drunk in their parents’ car (I’m looking at you blue BMW), there was nothing but stellar, outstanding, professional, performances from each band on the day, a welcomed dose of much needed rock away, in the dusty southern rock haven that is the legendary Sundowners venue.

If you’ve never been to Krank’d Up Festival, be sure to add it to your gig calendar for 2018!

*I’d like to take a second to thank and commend Spencer, Wayne, Warren and Duncan for the amazing show, as well as each band for jamming for us the whole day, and the hard-working crews behind the scenes, you guys are rock stars!

Krank’d Up Festival 2017 Highlights:

*Yeah, I took these with my phone, sorry for the quality. 

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