RAge Expo 2017: The Dummies Guide to Cosplay

What is Cosplay, from a Cosplayer:

When you think of Geeky Conventions, Cosplay should definitely be one of the attractions that come to mind. In its simplest form, the word “Cosplay” is a contraction of the words Costume Play and involves cosplayers dressing up as characters from games, movies, comic books and everything geeky in between, but to us, it’s so much more than that!

Although small compared to the rest of the world, the South African cosplay community holds some epic creative talent that has this incredible ability to bring your favourite characters to life.

rAge Expo 2017 Cosplay:

This past weekend at rAge Expo 2017, I was surrounded by dragons, Star Guardians, Demi-Gods, Sith Lords and characters from any fantasy world you can think of, all brought to life by the epic people who put blood, sweat, and tears into the finest detail of every costume.

Unfortunately, cosplay is not always sunshine, rainbows and unicorns and harassment seemed to be a very prominent topic amongst my fellow cosplayers this year. (You’d be surprised at how crude and just plain gross a bunch of gamer nerds can actually be!) But fear not! At Milled, we like to help a brother out and we have a simple guide on how to not be a creeper to your favourite cosplayer at the next convention!

The Dummies Guide to Cosplay:

  1. Yes, It’s possible to be too friendly

We get it, seeing the character you’ve put hours into playing can be exciting, but just be aware of what you’re saying. We genuinely don’t want to hear about all your weird fantasies, instead, try a simple: Hey! Great costume, *character name* is one of my favourites, mind if we get a pic together?”  – Which brings me to point 2.

  1. Photo etiquette – Just ask nicely bro.

It’s totally ok to snap a few pictures at a con, but, photographs can sometimes be a touchy subject as some people are just so inconsiderate! If you want a photo, just ask, the worst we can do is say no, we don’t appreciate you snapping pics while we are getting into cosplay, Chomping down some much-needed food, or you doing the “Maybe I can sneak a photo without him/her noticing” (Yes guy with the accidental flash, I’m talking to you!)


It doesn’t matter if the cosplayer is wearing full death knight armour or hot pants. The same rules that apply in everyday life still apply in the cosplay world and you attempting to touch him/her without their permission is still pretty gross. Could you not?


“Just ask” seems to be the biggest rule of thumb when interacting with cosplayers, as mentioned, a lot of work goes into our props and outfits so grabbing our props to play whack-a-mole with your friend’s head is generally a no-no. If you want to get a closer look at our props, just ask us, most of the time we’ll say yes unless it’s on the verge of falling apart (Which happens more than you’d think, We’re just super skilled at hiding all the hot glue and tape that’s juuuuust holding everything together)

You must be really put off with all these rules, but there’s just one more to throw in:

  1. We love you, we really love you! So please come talk to us.

We adore our fans and we love interacting with you, we love to hear everything about what games you enjoy, your favourite part of the convention and anything geeky you have to say – we so totally relate!

With just a few months until a new years’ worth of conventions, we hope you’ll keep our simple steps in mind, you can support any of your local cosplayers by visiting the Cosplay South Africa Facebook Page or hunting down the pages of some of the great cosplayers featured in this blog:

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