Avi Mack: Durban’s Newest Musical Star Drops His Debut Single: Hold On

Avi Mack Single: Hold On:

South African Pop Music:

Avi Mack is Durban’s latest star on the rise as he moves from the producer seat to artist spotlight and drops his debut single Hold On.

After 6 years of producing music and working with some of South Africa’s most talented musicians (such as mixing and video work for Easy Freak, Josh Wantie, and Gangs of Ballet), Avi Mack finally releases his long-awaited debut single Hold On. With an inspiring mix of synth-pop and a bit of 80’s pop, the Texas-born artist is without a doubt, bringing a fresh and new offering to the South African music scene.

Avi Mack Hold On“I find that when I’m writing, I’m constantly discovering myself. I’m sitting and taking a look at what I really believe about something, what I really feel about it. This track itself is based on the human condition, and so writing it I had to look at points in my life where to take hold. I always find recording this cathartic process. I’m bringing an idea to life and having to grapple with how I really feel about what I wrote. Recording this felt as though I was refining a part of myself.”

It’s quite a change from producing for others to creating your own music and Avi Mack has succeeded beautifully at it. Hold On is a masterpiece lyrically, musically and a great launch track for Mack.

Have a listen to his single and let us know what you think: