Dane Woods releases video for new single: For Her

Dane Woods Single: For Her:

Parts of a Whole Album:

Taken from the album “Parts of a Whole” Cape Town based multi-instrumentalist Dane Woods have just released the video for new single For Her: 

A Story from Cape Town:

Shot in Cape Town on the mean streets of Edgemead, the suburb Dane grew up in. The cast is made up of some close friends, Lauren Sparks, his girlfriend, as the heroin and Jason Rodwell plays the antagonist. His mate Devin Swanson worked the camera while he was in the scene, otherwise, Dane managed to get behind the camera a bit too. He also edited the video himself.

He had this to say about the inspiration for the video “I was in the shower and I had an idea for shooting a kidnapping boot scene for a music video, originally wanting to shoot a whole video of an escape in slow motion, with lyrics being mouthed in real time. A bit of research helped me realise it was a bit ambitious for my first attempt at making a music video, 🙂 so I made it less technically complex and just expanded on the story a bit. I didn’t have an intended track for it, but as the idea formed more I started to see a connection between the lyrics of ‘For Her’ and an image of being trapped. The idea of a rescue by the female character came with that connection to the track, which was named by a female friend of mine that it really spoke to.”

Dane Woods

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