Glitched: South Africa’s Latest Gaming Show!

Glitched: South Africa’s Latest Gaming Show:

Pippa Tshabalala Presents Glitched:

“A show for gamers by gamers”. That is the only way you can describe Glitched, SA’s newest video game show that revolves around everything you love about gaming. Drawing inspiration from the early 2000s, Glitched is dubbed as the spiritual successor to The Verge. Presented by Pippa Tshabalala, and brought to you by MWEB GameZone, Glitched will premiere this Monday, 16 October 2017 at 20:30 across YouTube, and Facebook Live,..

Our vision with Glitched is to bring great video game content to the masses in a form that we all use today – online streaming and web services. Let’s be honest, who watches TV these days? It is all about dual-screening your videos from your laptop or phone while playing your favourite games on your PC monitor or TV in your lounge. This is where Glitched comes in. We wanted to create a show which is easily accessible, features dedicated gaming content (no fluff), and brings out the best of the South African gaming community.

There was no better place to start than filming a rAge special pilot episode. This Monday, the 16th of October, the show will kick off with an episode all about rAge 2017. Here we will cover all the hottest games on show, chat with local and international developers, and get some feedback from the local gaming attendees. Expect the rAge special to be filled with everything from the weekend so if whether or not you made it, know it will be awesome!

Following the premiere of Glitched, we will be back a few weeks later to pick up on weekly episodes aired every Monday night at 20:30 on Facebook Live, and YouTube, . Expect Glitched to cover reviews, previews, news, hands-on content and much more. After every episode airs, the webisodes will be available online to watch as many times as you want. It does not end there, we have big plans to host streams, competitions, and all the best video content around gaming you can imagine.

Special thanks to the team – Pippa Tshabalala and the guys at AudioRoom who are currently working non stop to make sure Glitched is perfect. The show would not have been possible without the extra effort. Also big thanks to PlayStation SA for sponsoring the debut episode!

Check out the first episode of Glitched here: