Rubber Duc’s First Dance Track! WATCH the Music Video:

Watch The Music Video For Rubber Duc’s First Dance Track:‘ONE MOVE AWAY’!

Rubber Duc & Plstk Pidjn: 

Rubber Duc have released their first ever dance track ‘One Move Away’ in collaboration with the mysterious producer PLSTK PIDJN. The music video accompanies the single release and is a must watch:

The story behind this first-ever collaboration is an interesting one and some would say, hard to believe. Rubber Duc was contacted by the mysterious producer PLSTK PIDJNThey thought it had to be a joke at first, with a name so similar to their own, who wouldn’t? But then they heard some of the lit progressive house beats!

We couldn’t believe it! PLSTK PIDJN is super shy and somewhat strange… A person who hates the limelight and wants to stay in the background and just produce music. The entire collaboration happened on the web, which is pretty cool, isn’t it? Everything happens in the cloud these days!

The music video for ‘One Move Away’ was shot by the legendary Kyle White, Rubber Duc’s go-to director, who has shot and directed their most memorable videos. PLSTK PIDJN said someone would be at the shoot and someone arrived, but nothing about PLSTK PIDJN was confirmed. Whether it was actually him/her in the video is now as big a mystery as Donald Trump winning the elections.

The guy at the shoot wouldn’t reveal a thing. He just got on with it, took my direction, and when this scene was done, he left. I don’t know who would go through all that effort! But hey, I still don’t know what the Gorillaz or Daft Punk look like, and do I care? No! I love their music!” – Kyle White

Turning to more of Dance track over their traditional style is new and fresh and makes business sense, but does it impact Rubber Duc’s overall brand and style? Let me know in the comments, I’d like to know from you:

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