Movie Review: Their Finest 2017

Movie Review: Their Finest:

Initial release: 7 April 2017 

Their Finest is a 2017 war-time romantic comedy-drama movie, based during World War 2, Catlin (Gemma Arterton), plays a women in London during Wartime, charged with creating films that will both inspire the allied troops, keep morale up at home, and coax American sympathy for the war, during a time where America would not be a part of World War Two for some time.

From the outset of the first scene, it is made clear that women are made to be second-class citizens in contrast to our modern perception of equality.

Their Finest Movie PosterThe movie combines that charismatic bull-dog spirit of Churchill’s Britain during the early days of the Second World War and the reality of the Blitz over London during that time, and a romantic tale of two people believing that they can make a difference through telling the real story of local people to bring that reality of war home and uplift the spirits of the people in it.

The acting of Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy was nearly perfect for their roles. I enjoyed them both and it was great to see Arterton in a role that she played so well.

I really enjoyed this movie, it was sweet, fun but also relatable and real. I don’t normally watch Dramas but this was worth a look and probably worth 90 minutes of your time if it’s on TV or Netflix.