Klopjag Talk to Us Ahead of Park Acoustics

Klopjag are one of those bands that just won’t quit and remain on the rise of the SA scene. They too will be rocking Park Acoustics with their folky goodness…so if you had no plans for Sunday…now you do…

I spoke with Sallas De Jager about the band, their advice for the younger kids and the possibility of new material.

Richard Chemaly (RC): You’ve been going for 15 years now. 15 year traditional anniversary gifts are crystals. What are your crystals of choice?

Sallas De Jager (SDJ): I would have to say the Amethyst, also known as the “Traveler’s Stone”. It is said to provide extra protection while you are out on the road exploring new places.

RC: I’ve never seen you at Park Acoustics. This seems like your first one? Why’d it take so long and how are you feeling about it?

SDJ: It is indeed the first one, the first time we’ve been asked and hopefully not the last time.

RC: I have however seen Marie-Louise play a very funky bass (read cello turned 90 degrees). Is a traditional electronic bass simply not cool enough?

SDJ: It’s actually just on the one song, “Karloos in Arcadia”. When we started we were a four piece band without drums and bass and at the time the song required a baseline to compliment the two acoustics and all we had was the cello.

It started out as a joke, Marie-Louise holding it like a bass, and it just stuck. The idea was to do something different visually because all four of us sat on bar stools. To this day people still remember or talk about it after seeing it at the live shows.

RC: In general, bands come and go but you’ve stayed together for so long. What is your advice for up-and-coming bands to stay banded together amidst inevitable creative differences and exhaustive touring?

SDJ: I think the most important thing is that there must be space within the band dynamic to accommodate every band member’s individual personality. Everyone should feel firstly that they can be themselves without being judged by the others but at the same time respecting the other members. I think honesty and communication is key. Don’t allow small things to become massive issues because of a lack of communication.

RC: You guys aren’t tweeting lately (sad face). Have you given up on social media? It’s a pretty rock ‘n roll thing to do!

SDJ: We are guilty…

RC: It’s been long since you released a new album too. Is one on the cards or are you going to make us wait?

SDJ: We have been working on new songs, but at the moment playing gigs again is more our focus. But it is in the pipeline we hope sooner than later!