Wind River Movie: Release in November 2017

Stay in suspense with Wind River this November!

Unfolding the Mystery of Death:

Opening in cinemas on 3rd November 2017, this movie is bound to keep you intrigued while getting its audience thinking about important global societal issues.

Written and directed by Taylor Sheridan who is previously known for his work on Hell or High Water and Sicario. Wind River follows the criminal investigation of a young girl who lives in the US state of Wyoming who was found frozen, barefoot and dead in the ice mountains.

The movie stars Jeremy Renner (Cory Lambert) and Elizabeth Olsen (Jane Banner). Lambert tries to figure out who and what she was running from –  the audience is taken on a chilling and dark journey with each character as the plot unfolds in the race to get to the bottom of the investigation.

The film will keep you in suspense as each scene is brought to life by the intricate directing of the movie by Sheridan. This unnerving thriller will leave you pensive and cognisant of the wider world.

Classification: 16 L V

Running time is 1h 51m

Genre: Mystery/Crime film