Easy Freak on their New Album, I’m Alright

A year ago, I spoke with Easy Freak about their new music video, and since then they’ve successfully launched a new album, toured around and become even bigger than they were. I caught up with the duo once again to speak to them about how they know when an album is complete, why they didn’t do an Eminem cover and their visions for the future…also Durban…also holding them to account opn the things they told us previously.

Richard Chemaly (RC): It’s been almost a year since we last caught up with you. From then you’ve one from a duo with a colourful music video to a full on album. Which of your families is prouder?

Easy Freak (EF): Ah thank you guys! *laughs*. It’s difficult to answer that. We’ve received so much support from our both our families and the love they’ve shown us is priceless. Both families are definitely proud of us.

RC: Especially with electro, the idea of an album is increasingly becoming obsolete with the rise of singles and EPs. What was the inspiration to go all out and rock an album? Previously, you had told us that you “want to make feel good music that gets people movin” Is that still the case with this album?

EF: That’s very true, the releasing of singles and Eps has become the norm now and it’s very relevant. Well, we had the musical content to create an album so we thought to ourselves, “Why not?” We see it as our CV if people want to get to know us a bit more, you know.

Yeah, that’s definitely still the case with our album. Making people music that gets people moving is something we love doing! But we were also able to showcase the sensitive and more gentle side to our music. We have some tracks on the album that are a lot slower and softer, but still carry a lot of emotion and feeling; hopefully people can feel that too.

RC: When I saw “Without Me” on the tracklist, I thought you’d be doing an Eminem cover but then it wasn’t and then it became my favourite track on the album. It seemingly speaks to regretting hurting somebody but leaves a question to my mind. What comes first, your track titles and or the content of the track?

EF: *laughs* Eminem is pretty legit. We’re really glad that you dig “Without Me”! It’s almost always the content that comes first when we write our songs. Our experiences and our feelings always influence our content, and it’s usually during or after writing the track that we finalize the title.

RC: Talk to us about the scene in Durban. I have some memories in a pub called Amsterdam but those are mostly foggy. Is the demand for produced music and live gigs pretty big on that side of the country or are you planning an exit to a more musical place? Is there an album tour in the pipeline and where would you be most keen to tour?

Photo Credit: Matt Masson

EF: The Durban music scene is a growing one. The amount of talent coming out of this city is incredible and it’s such an honour to be a part of that. There aren’t as many live music venues, but people seem to make things happen by organizing their own gigs; and places like Amsterdam are still operating and providing a platform for musicians to do there thing!

We’re planning a tour to CT later this year and we’re always in and out of Jozi for shows. People can follow us on social media to keep up to date with our gig schedule.

5: When developing a debut album, what are the pitfalls and why did it take you so long? Any advice to the kids looking up to you?

EF: Creating an album definitely takes a lot of time and a lot of work. Dom works a 9-5 job and Jude is a full-time student in his Honours year, teaches drums part-time and sessions for other bands; so we’re both very busy people. Dom spent many many nights doing all the mixing for the album. And being an independent act, the process was a bit longer, but it was definitely worth it.

Kids, work hard at your craft! Ask questions and make use of whatever resources are available to you. And be humble! (sit down, be humble) *laughs*

RC: When is an album complete, now that it’s been mastered and released, do you look back and thin, “hmmmm, that A should have been an A flat”?

EF: *laughs* we totally get that! There are always doubts when you release something for the world to listen to, but we’re very proud of the album and the feedback has been great!

RC: What’s the best feeling about getting this album out there and what are your hopes for where it would lead you?

EF: It’s a great feeling knowing that we have a body of music for people to listen to that showcases our abilities as songwriters, producers, and musicians. We want people to listen to the album and feel alright; that everything’s going to be okay, no matter what they’re going through.

We see it as a step forward in our career. Our goal is to collaborate with more artists so we’ll be doing a lot more of that soon!

RC: Finally, you swore to us last time that Dom can play the guitar yet we still need to see evidence of this…what’s Jude’s instrument of choice?

EF: You gotta come to our next show to see Dom do his thing! He’s got a sweet guitar solo on the track “Only One” on our album as well *winks*

Jude’s instrument is the drum kit; every and all things rhythm, that’s where he feels right at home *laughs*

Photo Credit: Matt Masson