Colour Faction on the Success of the Debut EP

New kids on the block, Colour Faction, have been making a lot of waves since the release of their debut, self-titled EP a couple of months back. Naturally I wanted to ask them some questions so I got hold of bassist and vocalist, Angie…

Richard Chemaly (RC): Mata Hari was put to death by firing squad in France in 1917. If you had known her personally, you’d be at least 100 years old by now. Yet you wrote an ode to her. What is the connection you feel to the late exotic dancer?

Angie (A): We are intrigued by many historic figures and history forms the basis of a lot of the lyrics we write. Mata Hari is just another example of an interesting historic figure whose courage we want to celebrate in our music. Stories – personal and universal – play an important role in our writing.

RC: You’ve managed to gain a lot of media attention with only 215 page likes. How did you get that right?

A: Bribes!

RC: As a debut EP, you must have had some expectations. It was released long enough ago for me to be able to ask this. What were your expectations and have they been met?

A: Our expectations have always been to get people to enjoy our music and appreciate the juxtaposition of sweet melodies with cynical or darker lyrics. Based on the feedback we’ve received, we feel that we’ve achieved this.

RC: Why did you pick Marco Polo as the first single?

A: It’s an up-beat pop song with a swing rhythm… who can resist an up-beat pop song with a swing rhythm?

Photo Credit: Chris Saunders

RC: Your love for history is fascinating. Few people share such a love. Have you found it a difficulty to connect with your audience in that regard?

A: Not at all… on the contrary; we’ve found that people can relate to the ‘smaller’ individual stories and characters within the bigger historical contexts. Ultimately, we want to celebrate what it means to be human – good or bad – through universal truths.

RC: So now that you’ve got your EP, it’s touring time. Where are you keen on going? Dewetsdorp?

A: *laughs*, yes, that’s second on our list, right after Kakamas. No, seriously, we are keen to hit all the big music festivals next year!

RC: As a band, you share stages with other artists at fests. Who are you most keen on being on a lineup with.

A: Al Bairre, Jeremy Loops and Bye Beneco.