Andrew Sutton Talks to Milled

Andrew Sutton is indeed a young lad going places. A hit single, a signature range of shoX and an EP in the works…all before he’s reached the age of majority. Obviously we had to speak to him. We’re even giving away one of his signature shoX.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Dude, at 16, you have a hit and are touring all over the country. The kids at your school must love you. How is it being the popular kid, not just in school but nationally?

Andrew Sutton (AS): My friends have been so supportive about everything! They don’t treat me any different and everyone at school is excited for me! I’m very lucky to have such great friends!

RC: Speaking of school, how are you balancing all of the learning with the early career in music?

AS: I can’t say I am doing a great job! If there is a guitar and a text book, I will 100% go for the guitar! But I’m doing what I have to do in school to keep the marks up!

RC: There was talk of an EP earlier in the year. Is that still on the cards?

AS: I’m not too sure when we are going to launch the EP, but we are planning for next year and there is definitely some rad new music coming very soon in 2018! I cannot wait to share what we are working on! It has been so much fun to create and I am so privileged to have such talented people working with me.

RC: Now you have your own brand of ShoX. Casual. What’s the special feature of your brand?

AS: I cannot believe how supportive shoX have been! I am so grateful! The speaker is very different and creative! ShoX did such an amazing job.

RC: Of all the media exposure you’ve been doing, which has been the coolest thus far? Other than Milled of course *winks*

AS: I am so excited to be on Milled but besides that, the exposure that is coming out of this speaker is unbelievable! I also had so much fun on Expresso TV show earlier this year.

RC: So where to next? What are the aspirations for 2018?

AS: I am keen to launch this EP and see what comes from that! Other than that I am going to have fun on stage and try spread a happy vibe around South Africa.

Photo Credit: Craig Scott