Tresor Comes to Park Acoustics

Tresor Jams with Jeremy Loops at Park Acoustics:

Tresor: The Energy and Humility:

I’ve been excited to chat with Tresor since the drop of his Woods collaboration with Majozi last year. The energy and modern Afro-pop rhythm he brings to his performances along with being an all-around humble and hardworking musician makes him one of my favourite local commercial acts coming out of Africa this year. (And that every hardworking South African jams Never Let Me Go in their cars constantly!)

I had a chance to speak to Tresor before he runs up on stage at Park Acoustics this March alongside Jeremy Loops and Friends (Ticket Give Away for March 2018 here), just to get some idea of where he’s going and what we as his fans can look forward to this year:

Tresor Tour Coming Soon:

Brett Magill (BM): Hey man! It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted with you, so we thought it’d be great to catch up. So what’s been going on for the last year? Can you tell us about the reception to your latest album: The Beautiful Madness?

Tresor: Yes been a while. I have been travelling the world, making new music and also started a label developing exciting African artists in partnership with Universal.

BM: One of the first times I was introduced to your work, was a collaboration with Majozi on Woods, how was it collaborating with the man and can we expect a similar collab or feature in the future with another one of your fellow top music makers?
Tresor: It was so much fun collaborating with Majozi. I actually wrote the song and thought it would be suitable for his vibe, so I sent it to him and his team loved it… They asked to feature on it and the rest is history. Yes, I love collaborations and most definitely yes to more epic ones. 

 I get inspired by our beautiful continent, its people, its music and its fashion.

BM: It feels like your style has just developed out of nowhere, speaking to a lot of traditional pop styles while adding a spin of Afro-modern pop, where do you take inspiration from when putting together each piece?
Tresor: My music style is a very carefully curated mix of sounds from Africa with a hint of pop music. I get inspired by our beautiful continent, its people, its music and its fashion.
BM: It seems like the hype for the headliner has received a massively positive response! What’s it like to perform along with fellow rising stars like Jeremy Loops and do you plan on going international soon too? Is there a tour we should know about?
Tresor: Yes It’s really is exciting to be coming to Pretoria with my band. I can’t wait. I love Jeremy Loops’ vibe and I am looking forward to performing alongside him.

Yes, planning to push the music more internationally and start touring.

BM: What can your fans expect from your show at Park Acoustics this year?
Tresor: We are bringing the whole team and ready to smash the show for my people in Pretoria! Bring your dancing shoes along! 
BM: Have you seen an improvement in the local interest in your … wait, how would describe your music? Do you think there’s an improvement in interest for the local and African music scene?
Tresor: Yes for sure! The love is overflowing and I am grateful. Yes, more and more people are appreciating African music here at home and internationally. Best time for African music.


BM: Remedy definitely arcs back to classic Tresor styles, can you tell me a bit more about the idea and narrative around Remedy? The lyrics speak to something a bit heavier under the upbeat.
Tresor: Remedy is really a fun song talking about addictive love in the most direct way. Its colourful, fun and a really exciting song to play live. ( Remedy was written in Pretoria.)
BM: Thank you so much for your time Tresor, we hope you have an epic Park Acoustics, is this your first Park Acoustics? (he says while jamming Never Let Me Go) Either way, I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a show!
Tresor: This is my first Park Acoustics and we gonna make sure it’s unforgettable.
I personally cannot wait for the show! If you can’t either, you can always grab your tickets here, or try to win our competition! See you there!

Check out Remedy by Tresor here: