Bam Bam BrownTells Us How They’re Going to Rock Park Acoustics

Bam Bam Brown

Bam Bam Brown and Park Acoustics:

Take a little bit of cray, add some spunk and a history of music and you’ll end up with Kieron Bam Bam Brown! Better yet, put him at the Voortrekker Monument and you get a kickass show. In anticipation, he told me how he trades looks with Yannick and cogs gears!



 Richard and Brown:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Aweh Kieron. Now that Cape Town has that water issue, what have you been doing to stay hydrated? A lot of people are just biting their lips about it. Do you feel responsible?

Kieron Brown (KB): Hahaaa Aweh!! I don’t know. If I ever though that I could be responsible for the water crisis I would be rain dancing my toes off right through this interview! [let the record show that Kieron is not rain dancing]

RC: I love how you pull off the eye makeup better than the dude from REM so it’s not likely that you’re going to be mistaken for ol’ Michael Stipe but I gotta ask…anybody ever seen you back stage and said, “Cool, Grassy Spark is here!”?

KB: Ha! No, why? Is it the Yannick thing? Yannick is blonde and clean shaven for 2018, I have a beard, Next year we trade. 

…unless someone mistakes the stripe through my eyes for Josh’s fro?
RC: Getting a tad more serious, you seem to be a pretty connected dude living a life that emphasizes real relationships. I read your explanation for the great view numbers of Bite My Lip and you have a refreshing take on being on the ground rather than chasing online page likes. has that translated into your music at all?

Photo Credit: Vetman Design and Photography


KB: I sincerely think so. I don’t think I’m around to play for some form of exhibition or self actualization. The whole music practice of shipping a bunch of people into a room, to bounce around to our opinions does seem a bit bizarre at times to me, still, and I have seen the damaging effects the illusion of fame can put on someone’e person.

I think I just try and make sure everyone feels appreciated and accounted for, and I suppose that instinct has translated into this unique juxtaposition of sounds we have as this great body of music we’ve been performing. We get fed a lot of superficial and empty information on an minute by minute basis and I guess I just want the time someone spends with my music, to make them feel like I am sincerely reaching out to them, that there is a reality in all of this new age digital smoke and mirrors stuff and it’s okay to believe that, sans automation.

RC: I would also want to claim that you’re a deeply rooted and ever growing person but that’s based on me playing on your website for like an hour. Cumulatively, how much damage do you think you’ve done to the national economy with your website slowing down productivity?

KB: *laughs* That’s hilarious! I thought I was the only one getting lost on that thing. Careful. It’s been months and I still check in every now and then. Also click the bottom left cog…

RC: Obviously you’ve been around in various acts for awhile and even as Bam Bam Brown for a couple of years now. You’re no stranger to Park Acoustics so what makes this a show worth coming up to the Vaal for?

KB: My first Parks outing was a feeler, a toe in the water to see what I wanted for the act and to present to the people coming to the show. This time we are cannon-balling straight into the deep end of the pool!

Photo Credit: Bob Loves Dylan


RC: And after this gig, what’s on the cards for 2018? What! We’re in March already? What’s on the cards for the rest of 2018?

KB: We have a full house in hand man! Straight back from this tour we start an EP recording, I have a show with Kyp Malone(TV O The Radio) and Dave Depper(Death Cab For Cutie) in April that I am doing a big band ,symphonic re-work of my set for. It’s at the Centre For The Book which is a beautiful venue in Cape Town. Then we have our EP launch tour, CT, JHB, Zwaziland, Mozambique. We’re also looking at another round in Europe this year. No rest for the wicked!

RC: It seems like your trips abroad last year really invigorated you so is there a different energy you’ll be bringing to the Voortrekker Monument?

KB: There’s no two ways about it. You will get all of me. 

RC: Looking forward to your set! Keep on rocking!

KB: Looking forward to being there! Have the best day!

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