Interview: the Lectric Monks Finally Release an EP

The Lectric Monks: The Six

Finally, they came out and did it. We have a whole EP of music released by The Lectric Monks. It’s called The Six. Of course, I had to get hold of them, if not to get some answers, then to have a dig.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Joh friends! 4 Years to release an EP? That must be some sort of a record! See what I did there? Have you been relying on digital mostly up until now?

Lectric Monks (LM): Yeah, years is a long time, but that said when we started 4 years ago, we didn’t know anything about how this industry worked. I mean, Gary only got his harmonica back then. Also, we had some members come and gone, which constantly halted us from recording as we had to teach the new guys the new tracks, none the less, as soon as we found the real Monks, we were ready and keen and we saw results within 6 months.

… the ukulele is close to our heart and we normally take one with wherever we go.

RC: Your origin story seems pretty Offspring-esque. Could you play instruments when you decided to start or did you learn as you went along? I’m assuming because not many parents would, given a guitar, drum, bass etc, determine that ukelele would be the ideal instrument to start with?

LM: *Laughs* no probably not. The ukulele was very valuable to the start of this band though. Francois bought himself a ukulele to play while waiting in traffic in the mornings and he wrote a few songs like that. This inspired us to write more songs and start playing with “grown-up” instruments. That is also how our sound evolved over time, as we discovered new sounds to the point where we experiment often with interesting soundscapes, but yes, the ukulele is close to our heart and we normally take one with wherever we go.

RC: I’m most familiar with your festival gigs, from Oppi, Mieliepop to Capital Craft, you’ve done a lot of ’em. Is there a world tour to look forward to?

LM: Yes! We are most definitely working towards a world tour. Finding the funding for it is just a little difficult because we are a six-piece band, but so far we haven’t let semantics prevent us from achieving our goals. Luckily we do have a few tricks up our sleeves…

Photo Credit: Adriaan Cruywagen (edited by Gary Peacock)

RC: Gary seems to take the most flack from the band. I mean…rightly so…them dance moves dude…but them harmonica skills are up there! Ever thought of tanning, growing your hair, dying it black and going full Wanton Bishops?

LM: You see, if he does that, it would cause some confusion as we heard Wanton is planning on going full Gary Peacock!

RC: So this new EP! Been listening to it pretty recently and it’s dope. Also looking forward to Skulduggery playing on my Kovsie FM show! What are your aspirations for the EP?

LM: Of Course we would like the EP to be as great a success as we perceive it to be, but in true sense, it is just a step towards the next goal. We would like it if someone gives us a pat on the back and say “Good Job!” but that is not why we are doing this. We play music because we love performing, and the more people know of The Lectric Monks the more epic the shows will be, which is what we truly love! #lectriclove

RC: *Pats Gary on back* You’ve done a good job. You’ve also shared the stage with some big names. If you could compel one band to cover one of the songs on the EP, which song and band would they be and why?

LM: We think there are just too many bands who could take our songs to the next level, so for the sake of something interesting, and since we love funk so much, let’s say Johnny Cradle to cover ‘City Lights’

RC: Looking forward to the next jam!

LM: Thank you! See you there!

Photo Credit: Adriaan Cruywagen (edited by Gary Peacock)