We Catch Up with 36 Crazyfists Ahead of their SA Tour

Alaskan metal band 36 Crazyfists is in town this weekend and I’m beyond stoked to see them perform. It got to the point where I couldn’t just wait so I proactively got hold of frontman Brock Lindow. A couple of months ago, they released their 8th studio album, Lanterns and it kicks so much ass that it’s up there in my top ten recent releases.

Etienne Grobler (EG): Eight albums down and the monster that is 36 Crazyfists is going what seems to be stronger than ever. Do you guys ever find yourselves reworking “old” ideas that never quite made the cut in the past?

Brock Lindow (BL): I think it happens every once in a while where we are looking through old ideas and possibly find something new to attempt with them. I know on Lanterns we re worked Dark Corners which had previously been written during the Time and Trauma sessions.

EG: Which soft drink do you prefer… Coke or Pepsi?

BL: Coke 100%!

EG: From the very start I have been a fan. I still remember hearing “Bitterness the Star” in my mate’s Volkswagen. “Bury me where I Fall” changed my outlook on what was then considered as “Nu-Metal” and consequently provided me with loads of inspiration for my own bands. Luckily you guys haven’t been plagued by constant member changes and such, but it does happen. Do you find that new members change the dynamic of the group drastically?

BL: I guess it’s inevitable that your going to have some level of change with new members but being in touch with what the original ideas, roots of the band are and making sure that doesn’t waiver I believe you stay on track.

EG: In a deathmatch, who would you rate will emerge victorious… Shoa Kahn (From Mortal Kombat) or Snookie?

BL: Well I’m not sure who Snookie is so I’m gonna go with Shoa Kahn!

EG: What song do you remember from your childhood that is cemented into memory?

BL: Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys was one of my faves as a wee lad, and I always wanted to play that album at the house.

EG: Where have you guys had the craziest crowd thus far?

BL: So many amazing shows over these years but South America and specifically Brazil was a wild one!

EG: Are you guys cat or dog type of people?

BL: Dogs!

EG: If you could sit under a table and listen in on someone’s conversation, dead or alive, who would that be?

BL: How bout Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell discussing the writings of the masterpiece that is Dirt!

EG: What snacks would you take to abovementioned outing?

BL: Green olives!

EG: Favourite movie of all time?

BL: Miracle.

EG: Okay! Proper hard-hitting journo questions… Touring “Laterns” seems like it is going to keep you guys busy for a while. Do you guys ever end up coming up with new material on tour, having to put down some ideas on the spot?

BL: Pretty rare that we do anything of real staying quality in the road but I know Holt finds some beginning workings of riffs during sound checks that have made their way into fruition.

EG: Back in sunny South Africa, Any surprises planned for us this time around?

BL: It’s a club environment so that in itself will be a much more intimate vibe than when we came for our first visit. Lots of new and old songs and just an overall asskicker of a time.

EG: Guilty pleasures time… What is that one pop song that annoy you less than it actually should?

BL: I kissed a girl, Katy Perry

EG: Cheesy moment… If you could send out a message to the fans in S.A in the form of a lyric, what would that be?

BL: Always have. Always will

EG: Thank so much for your time guys. Really appreciate it and see you the weekend!

BL: Yeeehaw see ya then …

What do you think?

Written by Etienne Grobler


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