Rubber Duc Tells Us What They Have Time For Ahead of Park Acoustics

Hearing Rubber Duc was playing Park Acoustics this Sunday was pretty exciting since it’s their PA debut! I found out a bunch of info like how they hide cameras in the ducks they toss into the audience, that they both have no time and time for one more beer and that they take full credit for the fall of Zuma!


Richard Chemaly (RC): Hey guys. Straight into it! We need clarity. Is there a definitive list of things that people that people got time for?

Rubber Duc (RD): No. *smiles* Here’s our list of things we HAVE time for:

· Sleeping (Sheldon)

· Coffee (Amiel)

· One more beer (Brendan)

· My moustache (Nick)

What we DON’T have time for:

· Slow drivers in the fast lane (Sheldon)

· Stale bread (Amiel)

· One more beer (Brendan)

· Dingle berries (Nick)

RC: It was pretty cool checking you at Oppi last year. I had no idea you had that many songs in your repertoire. Where had you hidden them all?

RD: We found them under the seats of our old van… Under Mielie’s shoes, Bren’s food wrappers and Sheldon’s mouldy old lunchboxes! (there’re lots more where that came from).

Photo Credit: Kyle White

RC: I half expected you to do a soundtrack to James Veitch’s roommate skit with rubber ducks but then you didn’t. What’s the coolest thing people have done with your music?

RD: Some things are better left unsaid… there are actually cameras in the rubber ducks we throw into the crowd!

RC: You got a little political with Step Down Zuma about 2 years ago…granted it took awhile but how much cred do you take for Zuma eventually stepping down?

RD: All of it! After so many views and shares of our video and Brent Lindeque’s, he had no choice!

RC:: First timers at Park Acoustics despite being around for so long. What took you so long! Excited? We are! Check you there!

RD: As Yoda would say:

Far from Joburg, Pretoria is…

Glad the time has finally come, we are!

Excited, we are too!