Rocking Out with John Vlismas before Park Acoustics

From hitman cameos to roast champion, Vlismas is up there as one of the best so getting the shot to throw some questions his way was pretty cool. Asking him about all the things from fatherhood to his ring, we got to know Johnny a little better!

Richard Chemaly (RC): The Vlis! Check out this awesome photo of us! Seems we're both into our rings! Mine has significant meaning in that it's a family heirloom. What's the story behind yours?

Photo Credit: Brett Magill

John Vlismas (JV): That ring is one made by Bad Dog Silver, a great designer in CT - the only meaning it has is skulls are great, sugar skulls are better.

RC: I've been loving seeing the Natal boy making waves in SA comedy. South Africa is not without its army of social justice warriors. How do you manage to navigate the waters between funny and offensive?

JV: There’s no problem there. As long as you’re funny and have thought about what you’re  saying, it should be cool

RC: Like you, I'm getting older but I've managed to hide it by deleting my MySpace page. Yours is still up though. How's that working out for you? 

JV: MySpace? Jesus, I had forgotten about that. Funny how we all such unused space lying around in the ether. Like Little cupboards that our digital selves got stuck in while playing virtual hide and seek. 

RC: Stand up was kinda underground before Comedy Central developed a presence here. What has the impact of the industrial powerhouse been on the scene? 

JV: It wasn’t really underground, it was quite mainstream. Having said that, being on CC has definitely raised the circulation of local comedy, so now we get smiles in queues at Spar and Shoprite as well as Woolworths.  

RC: My girlfriend is also a vegetarian but I'm not. Could you recommend (and share the recipe) your best Vlis Veg dish that I could make her? 

JV: A hot roasted corn and garlic foam with saffron. 

RC: Celebrity and parenthood always intrigues me...especially when you have your flare for uhmm vocabulary. You have a 16 year old daughter. Is it tough being a father and being on the road as much as you are? Have you ever been, and are you still, careful not to recite lyrics from Offspring's Bad Habit in the presence of your family? 

JV: Nope. Any parent who pretends to their teen age child that they are angels is a dangerous hypocrite. My daughter knows what I do, and that I’m not big on double standards. 

RC: So Park Acoustics. You've been doing it for years. What keeps bringing you back? 

JV: One of my favourite crowds. Living proof that the Afrikaans youth is healthy, vibrant, progressive and avant-hard as hell. 

RC: Sweet dude. Looking forward to your set! Keep being awesome!