Fierce Beer Opens up ahead of Capital Craft

Beer is great so you know what’s even greater? Having so many beers in one place. With all the beers available at Capital Craft, it’s going to be impossible to try them all unless your name is Brett Magill. Be that as it may, getting a quick lowdown on the brewers may help decide which to gun for so if you’re into ales, good looking graphics and berries…check out these Fierce Beers!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Firstly, thanks for the Very Berry. Up until then my favourite berry beer was one I had in Boston called Sea Dog’s Wild Berry! Where did the inspiration come from?

Fierce Beer (FB): It really came from what was seasonal in the fruit farms close to the brewery.  We make a few fruit beers and a lot of sours, so using local fruit in a sour was superb.  We are also great fans of Belgian and American sours, Framboise, Cassis – so we tried to make something similar but light and not too overly acidic.  Sour beer is massive in Europe and USA right now, and I am sure in SA it will be huge in the coming years.

RC: So headquartered in Scotland. How did you manage coming down to South Africa and partnering with Devil’s Peak?

FB: Before setting the brewery up, half of the team worked in Cape Town in another industry and fell in love with the Mother City.  After setting up Fierce, we planned a vacation to SA and wanted to do a collaborative brew with the top craft brewery in SA, so we contacted JC at Devil’s Peak.  There were immediate synergies between us all, and we have become firm friends and great colleagues.

RC: Are you brewing in South Africa or just distributing through. How are you finding the differences between our market and your home market?

FB: We brew in Cape Town at Devil’s Peak.  This was always the key for us, as it means super fresh beer without a long sea journey over, and also competitive pricing as we don’t pay for that transit around the world. The markets in the UK and SA are really different.  UK is a far more mature market with greater acceptance of craft beer in general, but SA is clearly catching up fast, and there’s some amazing breweries in SA now.

RC: Your graphic designer seems exceptionally wild. Where did all the animal inspiration come from?

FB: We spent a lot of time on both the hop head logo, our name, and the label concept.  Label inspiration was all down to our designer who was asked to come up with 4 concepts, all of which were not quite right.  Very corporate.  Then from under the table he brought out something he thought was a little too out there…the very first animal label…and we all jumped right in.  There are so many options with animals, and we think the labels really stand out.

RC: Settle the debate for us…Ales or lagers?

FB: Both have their place of course, but for us it is Ales all the way.  So many more options to pack with hops, fruits, coffee, spices etc – almost limitless.  There is however in the UK and USA a trend towards making some really amazing lager style beers – keller pils, helles where there is a little more leeway on flavours, and hop additions – so watch out for them.  As ever, there is something for everyone.