Francois Van Coke Ahead of Park Acoustics

Interviewing Francois Van Coke is daunting. The dude’s been asked everything including what question he hasn’t been asked. So I just had to go balls to the wall. Let’s see if we can get him one of the colabs he’s been wanting for. We also discuss the demand for his music, tips for controversial band names and how to make your parents proud.

Richard Chemaly (RC): Francois, you’ve been in the media spotlight for so long it’s impossible to ask you a question that you haven’t been asked yet. Is there a question you’ve been waiting to be asked and preparing an answer for but never been asked yet?

Francois Van Coke (FVK):. Not at all and I have been asked this before! I can tell you something though, my favourite album of all time is Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf and my favourite band is The Beatles.

RC: You have been among some of the other great artists of South Africa. You’ve even played Blood Brothers. Is there anybody you’re keen to still play with? It’s Wham, right?

FVC: I am actually the only remaining Blood Brothers member, it is my third year in a row. I dig playing that show. I am keen to collaborate with people and actually working on a collab EP at the moment. I am doing tunes for Jack Parow, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Laudo Liebenberg and Early B. I would love to so something with Stogie T, Cassper Nyovest & AKA.

RC: Selfmedikasie has been out a year now. Does that mean you’ve started being asked when there will be a new release or have you been given a bit of slack from the blogosphere?

FVC: Selfmedikasie actually came out in October and people actually started asking for a new Fokof album the day after the release. I did that and Hierdie is die Lewe last year, so I think it is actually quite a lot of material, but I am very keen to release these 4 new tunes in June. It was a great experience creating them.

Photo Credit: Jono

RC: Oh wow, guess time flies when you’ve got good music. From leader of your school’s Bible group to leader of a band called Fokofpolisiekar, I’ve read that your parents at proud of you now but it took them some getting used to. What’s your advice to the boys from Satanic Dagga Orgy?

FVC: Make a solo album. Do a ballade with a Afrikaans singer, preferably a lady. Make it a crossover hit. Become popular under your parent’s friends. GO!

RC: Being as prominent as you are in the industry, do you ever feel a sense of responsibility for its development or for you to maintain a particular view on behalf of your fans? To some, you’re a superhero. Do you use your powers for good or evil?

FVC: I don’t feel it is my responsibility to develop the industry, but I will and have helped young acts if they are cool and I like them. I don’t really understand the rest of the question.

RC: Of course Park Acoustics is no stranger to you. Celebrating yet another birthday, what do you think is the reason it’s remained successful?

FVC: It is an amazing event and it is something to do in Pretoria on a Sunday. I hope it survives another 9 years.

RC: Shot Francois. Looking forward to your set!

FVC: Lekker