Frontier Beer Company set to Push Barriers at Capital Craft…Again

Having taken top honours at last year’s Capital Craft Beer Fest, it was good to catch up with Frontier Beer Company and hear what they have in store for us this year. I talk to them about everything from their logo to their filtration to having Lonely Island write their theme song.
Richard Chemaly (RC): I love that you concede that a pilsner is a lager. Many breweries try sell them as different things…sigh…anyway, how much did you pay Lonely Island to make your lager’s theme song, “Like a Boss”?

Frontier Beer Company (FBC): *laughs* The name “Like a Boss” has duality of being a bit humourous, and not taking ones self to seriously – as well as playing a little to the swag of an emerging young democracy. We all fell about in a heap laughing when we came up with the name, but it just kind of stuck, and “became” the lager.

RC: Your logo fascinates me. It looks like 3 Fs but there seems to be a groovy story behind it? Tell me what it’s about? The number of Fs you give about your beer?

FBC: The 3 F’s play to the large theme behind the name Frontier. This is to evoke the spirit of life in a young country, and a young democracy, and this whole SADC region. There is a certain energy about that. The 3 Fs represent a still-forming state.

RC: As far as the Hefeweizen goes, the lack of filtration makes it stand out in the already limited category. It’s pretty cool that you took that risk in the market. What’s the reaction of the patrons been like?

FBC: In general the market has come over to unfiltered beer, and the fact that some beers benefit in mouthfeel and flavour from not being filtered. We filter very few of our beers for this reason. Filtration strips out proteins and other flavour compounds. Don’t always judge a beer by clarity!

RC: In Interstate 60,  Christopher Walton Cooper’s character suggests that the world ran out of frontier after we travelled as far west as possible and now we’re just stuck making up frontiers. What’s the frontier you’ve been most excited about meeting?

FBC: South Africa is a social Frontier. There is very little precedent anywhere in the world for what has happened here in my lifetime. This should not be taken for granted or forgotten. The frontier I am most excited about is the one we live in!

RC: Beer fests are exceptionally fun and you’ve already hit a couple of awards at some. What are you aspirations for Capital Craft?

FBC: We were very chuffed to take out top honours at last year’s festival. Aspirations for CC ’18 is to have some fun, and hopefully delight some folks with some of our offerings. No more, no less.

RC: Awesome…looking forward to drinking with y’all! Thanks!